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Can Denver Broncos cover the spread against Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 13?

Will the Denver Broncos cover the spread against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers week 13?

On Sunday afternoon the AFC West Division leader Denver Broncos, with 8 wins and 3 losses meet the NFC South second place Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa is currently at 6 and 5, and need a win Sunday in their race to try and qualify for a wild card spot in the playoffs.

Based upon a number of factors including the remaining schedule that Tampa has the rest of the season, they are thought to be one of the favorites vying for the spot. Even with a loss on Sunday Tampa actually has a really good shot at making the playoffs since time and circumstance, as well as their schedules, may work against such teams as Dallas, Washington and a few others. A lot is at stake in a number of divisions this week.

However, let’s concentrate on Sunday’s game since they must first face a formidable opponent in the Denver Broncos. If you look at the line, the odds makers have the Broncos as 8 point favorites to win over the Buccaneers. With an 8 point spread you can be sure the sports bookies are confident which team they think will come out on top.

When I am looking at which football teams I want to bet on, I try and look deeper than just the numbers. I look at it logically and try not to let my emotions sway my judgment too much, although being human, sometimes you just can’t help it and emotions will sometimes affect your wagering decisions.

Do I honestly think the Broncos will win on Sunday? Yes I do, and short of Denver making huge mistakes in the first half or Tampa pulling out a few really big plays that give them points early in the game, I think we will see Denver in the lead by the end of the first half.

And even if they do not have a comfortable first half lead, the Broncos have had many games this year when they were down by considerable points at half time and they turned the game around in their favor in the second half, but I feel that may not be necessary in this game.

But will the Broncos be able to cover the point spread against the Buccaneers?

Let’s look a little closer to see what may happen and how it could affect scoring in this game. On Tampa’s offense you have a great young quarterback in Josh Freeman in his fourth year.

Throwing at 57% this year, his numbers have been presentable as far as receptions, but when he does throw an interception, it seems like it couldn’t be at a worse possible time. But then any quarterback will tell you it’s never a good time when they throw an interception.

And going up against the Broncos, Freeman will be facing a defense ranked 4th in the league. He can be sure that they will be applying a lot of pressure and try to get him on the move early in the game. They will keep heavy coverage on his receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams as well as tight end Dallas Clark as well.

The Denver defense will likely make their offensive line wake up and pay attention early in the game and I wouldn’t be surprised if they even manage to get a sack on Freeman even on their first possession. With line backers like Von Miller with 14 sacks for the year or defensive ends like Elvis Dumervil with 8 and 18 assists they will be doing everything they can to force Freeman into making mistakes and hurrying up his throws.

Tampa does have a bit of a running game, but I think that the defensive line is ready to shut down their running game. Don’t forget that we could easily see a big play or two by Kevin Vickerson, Derek Wolfe, Rahim Moore or so many others.

You can not even mention a game with the Denver Broncos without talking about their offense. At he forefront of that offense is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Peyton Manning. Watching this man play football, especially when he is having a good day is a lot of fun.

It would not surprise one bit to see him throw for 300 yards or more on Sunday. In addition to his talent as a passer, he is extremely intelligent and reads a defense better than just about any quarterback in the game. He can run a great no huddle or hurry up offense and has shown he can take advantage of that ability and keep defenses guessing or calling an audible at the line of scrimmage.

Even though most of the sports betting shops we checked with, both on line as well as the brick and mortar sportsbooks, have the spread on this football game at 8 points; I think the Denver Broncos should have no trouble covering the spread against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints 2nd Half week 12

Can the New Orleans Saints come back from a 10 point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons week 13

In order for the saints to get back into this game drew Brees must not have a non-scoring drive. A short run and then a short pass up the middle and the Saints get a first down.

Mixing plays from air to ground the Saints are making good progress on this drive. A big 3rd down play after a 5 yard penalty and the Saints need to conver this 3rd and 9 on the 35. A pass to Sproles and they get a first in the red zone. Down the middle and its inside the 10 with a 1st down.

On a 3rd and goal Brees gets it to the 3 so they decide to take the field goal since they just can not risk a non-scoring drive. The score is 17 Atlanta to 10 New Orleans.

As Atlanta takes over, the Saints defense has to be thinking big play at this point since they need to get the ball back into the hands of their offense. Matt Ryan and company want to get down field and convert into more points since they know that Brees is the kind of quarterback could put points up quickly if given the chance.

At first it appears that Matt Ryan was going to be able to drive down the field but the 3rd down play is incomplete and they have to punt again. The next drive of Drew Brees I think he really needs to get the ball into the end zone.

They need the confidence boost and nothing would help swing the momentum back in their favor than a good solid drive down the field and into for the 6 points in the 3rd quarter.

On a 1st and 10 from the 42 a 8 yard run has the ball on the 50. They try a deep pass to Sproles but it is incomplete. Then its a 3rd and 2 and Pierre Thomas gets the first down on the ground. The Atlanta defense stops them and they try a 52 yard field goal and gets it so the score is 13 New Orleans to 17 Atlanta.

Again the Falcons do not convert the 1st down and once again Atlanta punts the football. And a return by Sproles and the saints will take over very close to mid field.

Suddenly Drew Brees throws an interception picked off by Moore and it’s Falcon’s ball again.

Atlanta finally gets a first down and they go to a no huddle and then Ryan makes another pass inside the the 5 and they have another first down.

As the 3rd quarter ends Atlanta has the ball and a 4 point lead with the ball on the 11 and its 3rd down. 3rd down is incomplete so they have no choice but to take a field goal to extend the lead back to 7. With the 3 points the score is 20 Falcons to 13 Saints.

1 ground play for 5 yards and then Brees goes down the center to Graham and they get a 1st down. They run a screen to Sproles and they are close to a 1st down again. a big play by the defense and they give the Saints a loss of yards and it’s 3rd and 5. Atlanta sacks Brees and they have to punt the ball.

If Atlanta can now have a successful drive and extend their lead the Falcons could be well on their way to the win since it would become a 2 score lead over the Saints.

Ryan is putting together a well planned drive. He is finding the open man even when it’s for short gains and then a short run by Turner and they have another first down. On a 3rd and 8 from mid field Ryan throws to Jones and gets the first down and the ball is on the Saints 39.

They lose a few yards on 2nd and get some of it back on 3rd but have to try a 55 yard field goal which would be a season record for kicker Matt Bryant. And the kick is good so the Falcons take their lead to 10 and the score is 23 Atlanta to 13 New Orleans.

And on 3rd down they get a hand on Brees as he throws and the ball is picked off making it his fourth interception of the game and Atlanta gets the ball back.

Then Saints running back Michael Turner makes some good yards but the saints strip the ball away and it is picked up by a Saints player, and he stays on his feet and the whistle never blows and he takes it all the way for a touchdown. It is reviewed so if it stands it will be points for the Saints and a 3 point game.

It does appear the play may have been called dead after the fumble recovery. The Saints get the ball at the 29 with a first down so the touchdown did not take place since that was after the play was down by contact.

The Saints get a first down before the 2 minute warning. On the next play with the Saints down by 10 Drew Brees throws another interception, but the play is called back with an offsides negating the interception so the Saints retain the ball at the 2 minute warning.

The Saints have 2 minutes to get into the end zone, but even if they do they would still be down by 3 so they would need close to a miracle to get the game back. but instead of that his hopes are shattered and Brees throws another interception making it Atlanta’s ball and just about hands them the game.

They get the 1st down and there is 1 minte 30 seconds left so they really just need to run a few more plays.

The final score in the football game is New Orleans Saints 13 to Atlanta Falcons 23.

First Half New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons week 12

First half of the football game between New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons week 13

The Falcons earn the score on their first drive in the game. They take the early lead with a score of 7 to 0.

On a 3rd and 8 Drew Brees throws a 38 yard pcompletion for a first down. On a 3rd and 7 Brees goes deep in the end zone but it is intercepted and the Sainsts drive is stopped short in it’s tracks and gives up possession of the ball.

Matt Ryan just can’t get the drive going this time and doesn’t conver on 2nd and 7 or 3rd and 7. They punt the ball for the first time. With just minutes left in the first quarter Drew Brees will have a chance to even the score late in the 1st quarter.

Suddenly Brees is in a 3rd and 14 situation so he goes to Marques Colston and gets the 1st near nid field. A short gain on the ground and it’s 3rd and short. He does not make the conversion so they punt the ball and Atlanta now has the opportunity to extend their lead over the Saints.

On the first down Michael Turner gets to the outside on the ground and makes the first down. And they give it to Turner again and he gets the first down again. Ryan can not continue the drive and they need to punt the ball again.

The Saints can’t make much f their drive so the Falcons will get one last opportunity to touch the ball in the first quarter. Ryan gets a first down and they are past mid field. Another pass to Julio Jones and they have a first down inside the 20 as the 1st quarter ends. The score is Atlanta 7 to New Orleans 0. And Ryan goes into the end zone to Tony Gonzalez and the falcons move to 14 to 0 over the Saints.

And Brees gets a first down with a short pass. Atlanta defense steps in and breaks up the next 2 plays and a delay of game on 3rd down and it’s 3rd and 15. 3rd down is an incomplete pass so the Saints punt again.

With 14 point lead Atlanta gets another shot at the ball early in the second quarter. they just can’t quite keep the drive going and have to punt the ball. A nice return for the Saints and they will start their drive on the yard line.

Drew Brees just threw his second inception tonight and the Falcons get the ball back with Geat field position.

The Saints defense does a good job and breaks up a few Falcon plays well. Unable to continue the drive they take a field goal and now the score is Atlanta 17 to New Orleans 0.

A pass down the center by Brees into double coverage and Lance Moore has a first down at mid field. A deep pass near the end zone is incomplete and it’s 3rd and 8. Under heavy pressure Brees gets a completion and gets a first down.

Brees gets another first down and they are at the 10. On the next play they appear to get the touchdown. But after review the player was ruled down at the 1. They do get the touchdown on the next play. With the extra point the score moves to New Orleans 7 to Atlanta 17.

The Saints defense does another good job and breaks up first and second down well. On 3rd down they get about 9 yards so its’ 4th and 1 and the Falcons punt the ball with 2 minutes plus on the clock before the end of the half.

A deep pass to Moore and the Saints get a 1st down on the Falcons 40 as the two minute warning for the first half. Another pass down the middle and they have forst on the 21. A pass to Darren Sproles and it’s 1st and goal. What would have been a 7 yard touchdown is taken back for an offensive interference call.

From the 17 yard line he goes to Sproles again and gets the ball to the 3. Brees doesn’t have enough time to get the ball spiked to stop the clock and the time runs out so they do not get the opportunity to run one play or go for the field goal.

The score at half time is New Orleans Saints 7 to Atlanta Falcons 17.

Will Green Bay Packers make point spread against Minnesota Vikings week 13

Will the Green Bay Packers make the 9.5 point spread against Minnesota Vikings in week 13 football game?

I am a fan of the Packers and enjoy watching quarterback Aaron Rodgers do his job, and even more so when he is having a good game. But a spread of 9.5 points might be just a little over confident so let’s look closer at the football game matchup.

The Vikings meet the Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Both teams are in the NFC North. Green Bay has a record of 7 wins and 4 losses and Minnesota is at 6 and 5 and they are in 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the division.

If Green bay wins, and the Bears, which lead the division lose; Green Bay would be tied with Chicago for first place in the NFC North. If the Vikings win, they would tie the Packers for second place. So you can see there is a good bit riding on this game for both of them.

Green bay has a record at home this year of 4 wins and 1 loss and that was the season opener with San Francisco. Rodgers threw for over 300 yards in the game and there is no reason why he won’t rack up that many or more in Sunday’s game.

Like last week, the Packers star line backer Clay Matthews is not expected to play this week. He is out due to a hamstring injury. I think he was missed last week in the game against the Giants and he will be missed again on Sunday.

Can the Packers win without Matthews? Yes, of course they can. Without his exceptional talent helping make big plays and getting or assisting with sacks, the defense’s job is a little more difficult and he is such a great inspiration to the line, but I do think they are capable without him.

After the loss last week to the Giants I am sure they have taken a closer look at where they could make some improvements on defense this week. A few of the shortcomings they saw last week was the inability of the line to stop the run in a number of plays. And since the Vikings have a very strong running game they hopefully will have made some adjustments and will be effective against the ground game.

But can the Vikings stop the Packers from making the spread?

Maybe. Gee that’s a heck of an answer when you are trying to decide which football team to bet on isn’t it? We have only scratched the surface so let’s take a quick look closer to help decide the answer.

Like I started this article, I am a fan of Green Bay. I have liked watching them play since the Brett Farve. Farve is one of the all time greats and threw for over 10,000 yards in his career, but let’s get back on track.

The Minnesota Vikings are a great football team too. They play a very aggressive, very physical, in your face ground game. There rushing offense is ranked 3rd in the league so they will surely be taking the ball on the ground, to the Giant defense from early on in the game.

Running back Adrian Peterson and the talent he has of finding the opening, or breaking a tackle and exploding a short gain into and explosive run and making big plays is incredible. I think we will see Minnesota give the ball to Peterson a lot as well throw in their normal mixture of some play action passing and screens for short yards, maybe get to receiver Percy Harvin, or dump it off to tight end Kyle Rudolph or others.

They have managed to do that well this year, just not as effectively as they have liked in some of the games that did not go their way this season.

If the Minnesota Vikings brings their A game on Sunday afternoon, then they have a great shot at actually winning this game. But I also think that if Green Bay brings their A game, and the defense can contain Adrian Peterson, then they will win. With the spread at 9.5 I think I would say yes, they can meet that spread, but I am not sure I would give up more points than that.

Sure, Aaron Rodgers could have a Great Game and throw 4, 5 maybe even 6 touchdown passes, but when you are placing a bet on the game you need to look at things closer and decide how confident you feel about putting your money where your mouth is.

Since I am a big fan of Green Bay, I can easily say that I hope Rodgers does just what I said above and throws for over 400 yards. He is a great quarterback and I like watching him work.

And for the money I think the smart bet is on the green Bay Packers they will make the spread.

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Will Giants make the point spread against Redskins week 13

Will the New York Giants make the 1 point spread against Washington Redskins in week 13 football game?

When Frank Benjamin and I picked which football game we would write up in our Offsides article for this week, we wanted to pick a game that were big rivals and we wanted a game that could go either way and would be close. There were a number of games to choose from this week, but of all the games that had a point spread of 2 points or less, the game between the Washington Redskins and the NY Giants looked to be the most exciting.

First and foremost, they are both in the NFC East with the Giants at 7 wins and 4 losses and the Redskins at 6 and 5. NY has their spot in the wild card round and Washington is still in the hunt. Also, these two teams have been NFC rivals for many, many years.

Their games are always very exciting for the fans since the stadiums for each team are easy driving distances from each other so local fans can often get to their opponents stadiums in a few hours drive. Beyond what makes the teams and fans rivals, let’s look closer at what we can expect from the game.

These two met earlier in the year during week 7 and NY won that game 27 to 23. The Giants have won 3 of their last 4 games and the redskins have won 2 of their last 4 games and each one had their bye week at least 2 weeks ago.

I think the biggest difficulty that NY faces is the containment of quarterback Robert Griffin III. So far this year he has rushed for over 600 yards and he has 6 touchdowns under his belt while carrying the football.

If you look at tapes from last weeks games you will see that the NY defense did a great job of applying pressure and penetrating an offensive line and was very effective at reducing the threat of Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay, a great quarterback in his own right.

They will need to be effective like that on Monday night, but their defensive tackles and ends, as well as safety’s, will have to be very aware of Griffin’s ability to come out of the pocket and often find that hole on the outside and pick up the yards on his own. The Carolina Panthers did a great job of controlling him a few weeks ago so I am sure NY watched those tapes with great interest.

Griffin has a pretty accurate arm from inside the pocket also, but besides the rushing capabilities of Griffin, Washington has a pretty decent running game overall. The line will have to keep a close eye on the outside no matter who is carrying the ball, with running backs Alfred Morris and Alfred Morris being the biggest threats to watch.

But can the Giants overcome this and beat the Redskins?

Yes, I do think the Giants will make the spread and win over the Redskins. Here are a few reasons why.

First, I think that with guys like Michael Boley, Chase Blackburn as well as a host of other strong linebackers that react very quickly to their opponent’s changes in the backfield, they will be aware of what RG3 is up to and will handle the situation and keep him and his running backs for making the big plays.

Although the NY defense has got to do their job well and contain the Skins, the offense is where the Giants have been shining very well in many games this year. Quarterback Eli Manning is one of the best passers this year, (of course his brother is racking up some impressive numbers for Denver also) but time and again Eli has shown that he has what it takes to lead his team to victory.

He has some very capable receivers such as Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and Martellus Bennett, as well as a bunch of others that can step up like Domenik Hixon, Ahmad Bradshaw and more. As long as the offensive line can protect Manning well like they have most of this year so far I think that he will make the plays and find an open man and make the completions.

This will not be an easy win by any stretch of the imagination though. I think they will have a tough time of it from the first kickoff until the very end of the game. But in the end I do think that the New York Giants will win the game over the Washington Redskins and will make the point spread which at dinner time on Thursday is at a 1 point spread.

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Second Half Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers week 12

Carolina Panthers down by 1 point against Philadephia Eagles in week 12 football game

Down by 1 point the Panthers get the first possession in the second half. An illegal block penalty on the Panthers on the return from the kickoff costs them a lot of yards. They make up most of it on the 1st down play. On a 2nd and 11 a great pass play caught by Lewis Murphy and they have a 1st down on the Eagle 29.

A nice scramble by Newton gets another first down and they are in the red zone with a first down. He does it again on 2nd down and gets another first on the 5. On a 3rd and goal Newton just jumps over almost the whole pack and gets the touchdown. The score stands at 21 Panthers to 15 Eagles.

On their next drive by the Eagles the Panthers manage to force a fumble and recover the football. This turnover could be the turning point in the game if Carolina can have a successful drive and extend their lead late in the 3rd quarter. Unable to keep the drive alive they punt and the Eagles will get another shot from their own 30 yard line.

A nice pass by the Eagles and they get a first down. On the next play a pass interference call on Captain Munnerlyn gives the Eagles a 51 yard gain and another first down. Then on the next play a short pass to Bryce Brown and he is in for a touchdown and the Eagles get the lead back again. The score is 22 Eagles to 21 Panthers.

I must admit this game is more fun to watch than I thought it was going to be. The Panthers get the ball back with just over 3 minutes left in the third quarter. The drive is stopped with a big 3rd down sack so the Panthers punt and the Eagles get the ball back on their own 42.

On the first play of the drive the Panthers force another fumble, and Carolina recovers the ball and their offense gets another opportunity. As the quarter ends the Panthers have a 1st down and the ball is on the Eagle 24.

Unable to get in for 6 on this drive they take an easy field goal and get the lead back and the score is now Panthers 24 to Eagles 22.

The Eagles seem to be running the ball a bit more than I thought they would and it has been somewhat effective. In fact if it wasn’t for the two fumbles they have have by Bryce Brown the score would likely favor the Eagles by much more.

Although the Eagles manage to get a first down at mid field the Panther defense stops them and they attempt to go for it on 4th down and do not convert so the Panthers get the ball back on downs on the 40.

I don’t know if I have ever seen 3 penalties in a row on the defense, but the Eagles get 3 off sides or encroachment 3 plays in a row on this drive. The Panthers punch it in with a short run by Newton giving him his second rushing touchdown of the night. The extra point is missed so the score is now Panthers 30 to Eagles 22.

Unbelievable, but on the return by Philadelphia, Brandon Boykin loses the football. The Panthers recover the ball and with only just over 4 minutes left in the game, Carolina will only need to control the ball well and manage the clock. Scoring on their next drive would seal the deal for them.

At the two minute warning the Panthers still have the ball but it is third down so a first down would win it. Newton is hurried and forced out of the pocket but he makes the comletion and they only need to wind down the time now.

The Panthers win and the final score is Carolina Panthers 30 to Philadelphia Eagles 22.

Carolina Panthers vs Philadelphia Eagles 1st Half week 12

Philadephia Eagles meet the Carolina Panthers in week 12

The Eagles get the first possession of the game and surprise and thrill their fans and have a decent drive and have 3 first downs in 6 plays and are in Panther territory very quickly. They make it to the red zone but then the drive falls apart and they take the field goal and get the 3 points. Score Eagles 3 to Panthers 0.

The Panther drive seems to be going well starting with a few short runs that get the 1st down. On a 1st and 10 a short pass is just short of the first but then a run up the center gets the first, then another short pass and they are in Eagle territory with another 1st down.

A nice pass to Gary Barnidge right down the middle and they are in the end zone and take the lead. The score is Panthers 7 to Eagles 3.

On a second and 10 the Panthers get a sack on quarterback Nick Foles bringing up 3rd and 19. They get decent yards but are short of the 1st so they have to punt. This gives the Panthers good field position on their second drive.

The 1st play by the Panthers is a run by Jonathan Stewart and he gets a first down. A great pass to wide open wide receiver Brandon LaFell and he is in the end zone with another score. This gives them an 11 point lead early in the game. The score is now at 14 Panthers to 3 Eagles.

Philadelphia seems to be putting together another decent drive and do cross into Panther territory. Whether they can continue once they get there and even more important, convert the drive into points remains to be seen. They can’t convert the first down but do take the field goal and take the score to 6 Philadelphia to 14 Carolina.

For the first time in the football game the Eagles manage to shut down a Panther drive and they are forced to punt. After the return the Eagles would have started their drive on the 42 but a penalty for illegal block will knock them back and they start the drive on the 32.

The Eagles give the ball to Bryce Brown and he rounds thje corner to the outside, breaks a tackle and gets into the end zone for the 6 points. Philadelphia takes the risk and tries for the 2 point conversion to tie the score but fails. This takes the score to Eagles 12 to Panthers 14.

Cam Newton is having a really good night and he makes another 20 plus yard pass and gets a first down and they are near mid field.

A incomplete pass on 1st down and then a sack on 2nd brings up a 3rd and 17. They almost get the sack again but Newton manages to salvage the play and make the completion but are a few short of the first and the Panthers have to punt again.

The Eagles get to mid field and get a first down in Panther territory. Carolina breaks uo their next 3rd down play and stops the drive but they are within kicking distance and they make the field goal and the Eagles take the lead. The score is now 15 Philadelphia to 14 Carolina.

The Panthers get the ball back with just over 3 mionutes keft in the half so plenty of time to get down field and get the lead back. At the 2 minute warning it’s 3rd and 7 with the ball on the 23. Newton shows his worth once again on this play since when he gets into trouble instead of letting the drive fail he runs around the outside and gets the first down.

They end up not converting on the drive and the Eagles get another shot. Their drive also stalls out and punt the ball back to the Panthers with 40 plus seconds left in the half. Carolina has all 3 of their time outs left so Newton will have enough time to run a few decent plays providing he can manage the clock well.

They run one play and do not call time and just let the clock run out. I personally think that was a poor decision, they had plenty of time to run 3 or 4 plays and possibly gave up the opportunity to get into field goal range even if they didn’t get the touchdown.

The half time score Panthers 14 to Eagles 15.

New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers 2nd Half week 12

Down by 21 points the Green Bay Packers need to make something happen against New York Giants in the second half in week 12 football game

So far in the 3rd quarter there have been a trade of possessions with neither team developing a drive effective enough to end in a score.

The Packers do not make anything happen and again punt. On the next drive the Giants get the ball into the red zone and get a 1st down inside the 10. NY does get the touchdown on the drive so the Packers will get the ball bacl with about 3 minutes left on the 3rd quarter and the Giants have a lead of 38 to 10.

In order for the Packers to get this game back Aaron Rodgers would have to work some magic, which he is actually capable of doing, but in addition to that the Green Bay defense would have to force at least a few very fast turnovers, which would be VERY hard for them to do without their star line backer Clay Matthews.

At the end of the 3rd quarter the score is still 38 Giants to 10 Packers. Green Bay has the ball on the giants 18 yard line. They do not get the 1st down and go for it on 4th down and do not convert so the Giants take over on downs with the ball on the NY 13.

When you least expect it and it looks as if the drive is starting to fall apart and will not continue, Eli Manning will make a completion and get the first down. this drive is no different and the Giants are controlling the ball well. With this much of a lead it only makes sense for them to continue going to the run game with a good mixture since it has worked well for them in this game.

The NY drive fallas apart and for the first time in the game the Giants do not convert a visit tot he red zone. Green Bay takes over on downs with the ball on their own 5 yard line. With only 4 minutes left in the game NY pretty much has the game won.

The final score in the game is NY Giants 38 to Green Bay Packers 10.

Green Bay Packers vs New York Giants 1st Half week 12

The 1st half of the Green Bay Packers football game against the New York Giants in week 12

The Giants have the ball first in the game. On a 3rd down they run a screen and Ahmad Bradshaw gets the short pass and runs it down to inside the 5. They get the score and the Giants take a very early lead with a score of 7 to 0.

On the first possession for the Packers, they actually manage to get a first down on the ground before quarterback Aaron Rodgers even throws his first pass. On a second down and 4, Rodgers throws a pass to Jordy Nelson and they get the touchdown. In just over 4 minutes we have a football game tied at 7 points each.

On the next drive, NY quarterback Eli Manning attempts a pass on a 3rd and 6 from the 21 but it is incomplete and the Giants will punt for the first time in the game.

A nice run by Randall Cobb around the outside and he gets a first down. On a 3rd and 3 Rodgers needing to by some time steps up in the pocket but is tripped up and doesn’t conver the down. They attempt a 55 yard field goal but it is not good so the Giants will take over at mid field on their own 45.

A good scrampble by Manning on 3rd down and rather than not convert the first, he runs it out and gets the 1st on his own. Then on a 3rd and 5 a pass to tight end Rueben Randle in the end zone gets them the touchdown and the Giants get the lead back with a score 14 to 7.

On the next drive, Rodgers throws an interception which is picked off by Corey Webster. The drive is stopped but NY does manage to get the field goal extending their lead and taking the score to 17 to 7.

As the first quarter ends has the ball on the 13. The score is at 17 Giants to Packers 7. The Packers must punt with nothing happening on the drive.

Great ball movement by the Giants and they get another first down after a gain of 25. The Packers are going to need to start closing up the holes in their coverage and stop the Giants from rounding the corner to the outside which they have pretty effective in the last few drives.

A pass to Victor Cruz gives the Giants another touchdown and they have now pulled ahead with a score of 24 NY to 7 Green Bay.

On a 3rd and 4 a nice short and unexpected pass to the full back John Kuhn they get a 32 yard gain and a first down. They do not get the 1st on a 3rd and short so they deciode to take a 28 yard field goal attempt. They get the 3 points so the score is now 10 green Bay to 24 New York making it a 2 score game.

Green Bay gets the ball back just as the two minute warning comes up so they have just enough time to get down field if they can have a few effective plays. the ball is stripped away from Rodgers and the Giants recover and get the ball on the Packer 23.

The Giants get into the end zone again and NY now has a 21 point lead. With only 44 seconds left in the first half, the Packers will need to play like they did on the first possession to make anything happen. They can’t pull it off and go to the locker room down by 21 points. the score at the half 31 to 21.

New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers 2nd Half week 12

San Francisco 49er’s 2nd half football game against the New Orleans Saints in week 12

The 49ers have the first possession of the second half. On a 3rd down and 2 a pass to Delanie Walker gets a 1st down and a nice gain of 45 yards. They then get a 1st down on the Saints 6 yard line and get into the end zone on the next play. San Francisco has the lead once again by 7. The score 21 49er’s to 14 Saints.

A decent run back on the punt brings the Saints out to the 30. On the first down San Francisco gets the sack on Drew Brees for an 8 yard loss.

On the next play a pass is tipped in the air and picked off by Donte Whitner which he takes in for a 41 yard return and a touchdown. With the extra point the 49ers jump to a 14 point lead with the score standing at San Francisco 28 to New Orleans 14.

A deep pass and interference call gets the Saints to the San Francisco 10. A short pass to Jed Collins on 3rd and short gives the Saints the touchdown to reduce the 49er lead. The score is now 21 Saints to 28 49ers.

A holding call against San Francisco on what would have been a big play brings it back and then the drive seemed to fizzle with mistakes and losses. On a 3rd and 19 they manage to get 12 of the yards back but end up having to punt.

The latest drive by the Saints fell apart after an offensive pass interference call near the end zone, which would have probably been an interception without the penalty. Then a sack on 3rd and 20 and the saints punt the ball. San Francisco’s gets the ball back on their own 6 yard line.

They get a first down and have the ball on the 23. As the 3rd quarter ends the score is still at 28 to 21 with the 49ers in the lead. San Francisco has the ball on the 30 yard line and its 3rd and 2.

The 49ers are having a good drive and after the 3rd 1st down they manage to get to the Saints 10 yard line but a false start brings them back 5 and its 1st and goal from the 10. Another run by Frank Gore and they are on the 5. Unable to get in on this drive the 49ers take the field goal and a 10 point lead. The score is now at 31 San Francisco to 21 New Orleans.

San Francisco gets another sack on the first play by the Saints brings up a 2nd and 19. It takes a few plays but the Saints have the first down at their own 37 yard line. The 49ers get the sack on 3rd down and it brings up a 4th and 11 and the Saints go for it but do not convert.

The 49ers get the ball back on the Saints 36. San Francisco is unable to convert this drive and attempt a field goal but do not make it. The Saints get the ball back on their own 40. The Saints drive falls apart and the 49ers get it back.

At the two minute warning the 49ers still have possession with the ball just inside the 20 yard line and its 3rd and about 18. They attempt a 33 yard field goal and the Saints manage to block the kick and recover the ball and return it to the 10.

The final score in the game is San Francisco 49ers 31 to New Orleans Saints 21.