What does Football Betting mean to people around the world?

When we first launched this website, we were asked by a few visitors whether we would have a focus on football in the United States or if we would concentrate more on Fifa and the World Cup.

Others asked whether we would cover football in countries like Australia (also known as “Footy”).

Well to be honest, we have a great deal to thank those visitors for, since asking those questions made us stop and really think, not only about how to answer them, but also to consider the future of the site and how to structure some of the pages, and to generate some content that would be suited to visitors that are fans of football in some of those countries.

It also made us aware that we had to dedicate some time to take a closer look at some of the sports books we present here.

Occassionally we asked the bookies what they might possibly do differently in order to cater to visitors of other countries or those interested in betting on American football, footy, or any other version of football.

Most worlwide online sportsbooks will offer their websites in a number of different languages. That alone is a good start to better serving a global clientele.

In addition to getting past the languages, most of the larger and more respected books also learned they had to cover football in other countries, not just the games in the states and those played in England.

And they not only had to report on the games, but they had to take bets on those games and provide reasonable and competitive odds as well.

We are happy to report that taking these additional factors into consideration has been eye-opening and has taught us to do more thinking outside the box as it were, and always try to keep in mind that when discussing placing bets on football, we always need to keep visitors from all countries considered.

So it’s not just about American Football, or World Cup Football, it’s all about betting on football around the world.