College Football

Clemson Tigers against Duke Blue Devils 2nd half

Clemson continues to dominate Duke in second half of football game

The first possession of the 3rd quarter for Duke is much the same thing we have seen during the first part of the game and that is missed opportunities and they go 3 and out.

Then on the next Clemson drive we see a nice play from the ense and the Blue Devils intercept the ball. Duke is unable to get points from it and punt again. Then on the next drive the Tigers control the ball very well and take it in for points again. The score is now 49 to 17.

Duke finally gets points in the second half and take a field goal. The score is now 20 Duke to 49 Clemson.

With just under a 30 point lead on the next possession by Clemson, they go to Stoudt a different quarterback to give Boyd a rest. He has some impressive stats from the game so it only make sense to give another quarterback some work.

Early in the 4th quarter the Tigers are still playing football like it’s the beginning of the game and get another touchdown. This makes the score 56 to 20.

Another possession by Duke with no results and it’s time for the Tigers to have another drive. They actually get shut down and punt for the first time in the game. Duke is forced to kick again.

Not hurting their position in any way the Tigers do not convert on this drive and turn the ball over in downs. Unable to get points the Clemson Tigers take the win with a final scor 56 to 20.

Clemson Tigers against Duke Blue Devils half time

Clemson takes a comfortable lead to the locker room at half time against Duke

Duke answers with another touchdown at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. That makes the score Clemson 28 to Duke 17. The Blue Devils so far have shown they are not being shaken by Clemson’s lead, although it appears that both sides are somewhat lacking in defense.

Just as I mention a lack in defense and Duke makes a great play and strips the ball away from Hopkins after a pass and the Blue Devils force a fumble and recover the ball. This is a good opportunity for Duke to put themselves back into the game first half and cut Clemson’s lead a bit.

Duke is unable to capitalize on the possession and has to punt the ball back to the Tigers in a failed attempt at what could have been the possession to turn the first half around for Duke.

And a touch down pass to Bryant and the Tigers score again. The score is now 35 to 17. Duke must convert on their next possession so they can keep the football game to a two possession lead.

And they are unable to. In fact on third and long when they needed to the most, Clemson is able to penetrate well and gets the sack forcing a kick The Tigers have a comfortable lead at 35 to 17 and get the ball back.

Again another big defensive play and Duke makes an interception and gets another shot by their offense. With 3 and a half minutes left in the half Duke was not able to convert a 3rd down so they end up punting.

Clemson is able to add even more points on the board before the end of the half.

Duke’s last possession of the half is a must convert. They get the ball back with just under 2 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. They fail once on the conversion once again and punt the ball with only 21 seconds left in the half.

Clemson ends the half with 42 points and 6 touchdowns and in fact they gain over 470 yards in the first half. The half time score is 42 to 17.

Clemson Tigers against Duke Blue Devils

The Clemson Tigers are 12 and 1/2 point favorites against the Duke Blue Devils

The lines on the Clemson Tigers has them at more than 12 point favoriites.

Clemson starts the game with a big running play and a forst down on the first play of the football game. The next play is a running play also and then a short pass and another first down on the next. It’s clear that Clemson certainly wants to establish a bit of a run game early to give them more breahting room for play action.

A few plays later and the Tigers are in the end zone with an impressive first drive of the game. Clemson takes the early lead at 7 to 0.

Duke also starts with an explosive ruushing play on their first possession and gets a first down on the first play. Not able to convert on a third down after getting into their opponents terrirtory the Blue Devils take the field goal and the score is at Clemson 7 to Duke 3.

Clemson has been very consistient so far this game and is able to get into the end zone once again on their next possession and extends their lead bringing the score to 14 to 3.

An impressive catch and run by Duke and they are keeping the game interesting and the score is now at 14 to 10. If Duke continues to play like this there is no way Clemson will beat the spread.

And another pass to Hopkins and Clemson score again. The offense has certainly arrived to this game and Clemson, especially Deandre Hopkins is having a great game so far. That is 3 touchdowns for him tonight. Score is now 21 to 10 with the Tigers in the lead.

The Tiger defense had a better run on the next Duke posession and for the first punt on the game Clemson gets the ball back for the first time that did not follow a Duke score.

And just as we are just about to reach the end of the first quarter, Clemson is able to score again. The score is 28 to 10 and Clemson has shown how much it means to be one of the best teams able to convert 3rd downs.

Mississippi State vs Tennessee 2nd half recap

Tennessee can certainly be proud of the way this game was played in the second half.

To be honest, by the end of the first half I didn’t really think that Tennessee really had much a chance to come back into the game but they sure did.

Mississippi State Wolverines were undefeated coming in to this game. Their defense proved to be quite formidable for the Tennessee offense, and the Bulldog offense stood up to them very well.

Tennessee was in almost complete control during the third quarter and Mississippi State had the 4th quarter to gain that control back. They actually did a pretty good job of it too.

In fact Mississippi State ended up gaining the edge back and winning the game 41 to 31.

Mississippi State wins over Tennessee

Tennessee played a very good game but in the end they just couldn’t do it. Mississippi State wins the game over Tennessee 41 to 31.

Tennessee cuts lead to 3 vs Mississippi

Tennessee has been running the ball damn well in the second half. Plenty of times we have seen extra yards picked up since these guys just do not give up when they are hit.

Numerous times the second effort is what made the first down or turned small gains into larger gains. They end this drive with a touchdown pass and once again have cut the lead and we have a 3point game again.

Bulldogs score against Volunteers

A huge play by the Miississippi defense stripping the ball away and forcing a fumble that is recovered by the Volunteers.

A few plays later and suddenly Mississippi has a 10 point lead. The score is now 34 to 24 the Volunteers lead.

Tennesse’s ball 4th quarter vs Mississippi State

After a trade of possession without a score the Mississippi Bulldogss need to control the ball well and turn this possession into a score.

But they fail to do so and the Volunteers will get the ball back just under 10 minutes left in the game.

4th quarter Bulldogs vs Volunteers

Although the Volunteers did not convert the most recent possession into points there is still the 4th quarter to go. Mississippi State has the ball as the 4th quarter starts with a 3 point lead. the score is still 27 to 24.

Tennessee vs Mississippi State late 3rd quarter

The Volunteers defense is certainly playing a different game now. So far in the half they have stopped the Bulldogs from scoring and if the offense can have a drive like the last one they are finally in a postion to get the lead for the first time in the game.

This is an exteemly important dribve for Tennessee and it is pretty clear they have a much better handle on the game.