San Francisco 49er’s 2nd half football game against the New Orleans Saints in week 12

The 49ers have the first possession of the second half. On a 3rd down and 2 a pass to Delanie Walker gets a 1st down and a nice gain of 45 yards. They then get a 1st down on the Saints 6 yard line and get into the end zone on the next play. San Francisco has the lead once again by 7. The score 21 49er’s to 14 Saints.

A decent run back on the punt brings the Saints out to the 30. On the first down San Francisco gets the sack on Drew Brees for an 8 yard loss.

On the next play a pass is tipped in the air and picked off by Donte Whitner which he takes in for a 41 yard return and a touchdown. With the extra point the 49ers jump to a 14 point lead with the score standing at San Francisco 28 to New Orleans 14.

A deep pass and interference call gets the Saints to the San Francisco 10. A short pass to Jed Collins on 3rd and short gives the Saints the touchdown to reduce the 49er lead. The score is now 21 Saints to 28 49ers.

A holding call against San Francisco on what would have been a big play brings it back and then the drive seemed to fizzle with mistakes and losses. On a 3rd and 19 they manage to get 12 of the yards back but end up having to punt.

The latest drive by the Saints fell apart after an offensive pass interference call near the end zone, which would have probably been an interception without the penalty. Then a sack on 3rd and 20 and the saints punt the ball. San Francisco’s gets the ball back on their own 6 yard line.

They get a first down and have the ball on the 23. As the 3rd quarter ends the score is still at 28 to 21 with the 49ers in the lead. San Francisco has the ball on the 30 yard line and its 3rd and 2.

The 49ers are having a good drive and after the 3rd 1st down they manage to get to the Saints 10 yard line but a false start brings them back 5 and its 1st and goal from the 10. Another run by Frank Gore and they are on the 5. Unable to get in on this drive the 49ers take the field goal and a 10 point lead. The score is now at 31 San Francisco to 21 New Orleans.

San Francisco gets another sack on the first play by the Saints brings up a 2nd and 19. It takes a few plays but the Saints have the first down at their own 37 yard line. The 49ers get the sack on 3rd down and it brings up a 4th and 11 and the Saints go for it but do not convert.

The 49ers get the ball back on the Saints 36. San Francisco is unable to convert this drive and attempt a field goal but do not make it. The Saints get the ball back on their own 40. The Saints drive falls apart and the 49ers get it back.

At the two minute warning the 49ers still have possession with the ball just inside the 20 yard line and its 3rd and about 18. They attempt a 33 yard field goal and the Saints manage to block the kick and recover the ball and return it to the 10.

The final score in the game is San Francisco 49ers 31 to New Orleans Saints 21.

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