Carolina Panthers vs Philadelphia Eagles 1st Half week 12

Philadephia Eagles meet the Carolina Panthers in week 12

The Eagles get the first possession of the game and surprise and thrill their fans and have a decent drive and have 3 first downs in 6 plays and are in Panther territory very quickly. They make it to the red zone but then the drive falls apart and they take the field goal and get the 3 points. Score Eagles 3 to Panthers 0.

The Panther drive seems to be going well starting with a few short runs that get the 1st down. On a 1st and 10 a short pass is just short of the first but then a run up the center gets the first, then another short pass and they are in Eagle territory with another 1st down.

A nice pass to Gary Barnidge right down the middle and they are in the end zone and take the lead. The score is Panthers 7 to Eagles 3.

On a second and 10 the Panthers get a sack on quarterback Nick Foles bringing up 3rd and 19. They get decent yards but are short of the 1st so they have to punt. This gives the Panthers good field position on their second drive.

The 1st play by the Panthers is a run by Jonathan Stewart and he gets a first down. A great pass to wide open wide receiver Brandon LaFell and he is in the end zone with another score. This gives them an 11 point lead early in the game. The score is now at 14 Panthers to 3 Eagles.

Philadelphia seems to be putting together another decent drive and do cross into Panther territory. Whether they can continue once they get there and even more important, convert the drive into points remains to be seen. They can’t convert the first down but do take the field goal and take the score to 6 Philadelphia to 14 Carolina.

For the first time in the football game the Eagles manage to shut down a Panther drive and they are forced to punt. After the return the Eagles would have started their drive on the 42 but a penalty for illegal block will knock them back and they start the drive on the 32.

The Eagles give the ball to Bryce Brown and he rounds thje corner to the outside, breaks a tackle and gets into the end zone for the 6 points. Philadelphia takes the risk and tries for the 2 point conversion to tie the score but fails. This takes the score to Eagles 12 to Panthers 14.

Cam Newton is having a really good night and he makes another 20 plus yard pass and gets a first down and they are near mid field.

A incomplete pass on 1st down and then a sack on 2nd brings up a 3rd and 17. They almost get the sack again but Newton manages to salvage the play and make the completion but are a few short of the first and the Panthers have to punt again.

The Eagles get to mid field and get a first down in Panther territory. Carolina breaks uo their next 3rd down play and stops the drive but they are within kicking distance and they make the field goal and the Eagles take the lead. The score is now 15 Philadelphia to 14 Carolina.

The Panthers get the ball back with just over 3 mionutes keft in the half so plenty of time to get down field and get the lead back. At the 2 minute warning it’s 3rd and 7 with the ball on the 23. Newton shows his worth once again on this play since when he gets into trouble instead of letting the drive fail he runs around the outside and gets the first down.

They end up not converting on the drive and the Eagles get another shot. Their drive also stalls out and punt the ball back to the Panthers with 40 plus seconds left in the half. Carolina has all 3 of their time outs left so Newton will have enough time to run a few decent plays providing he can manage the clock well.

They run one play and do not call time and just let the clock run out. I personally think that was a poor decision, they had plenty of time to run 3 or 4 plays and possibly gave up the opportunity to get into field goal range even if they didn’t get the touchdown.

The half time score Panthers 14 to Eagles 15.

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