Online Football Betting Matchups and Sportsbook Odds Tool

With this great tool from our friends at Bet365, we are able to offer our visitors matchups on upcoming games, odds, scores from previous games already played and more.

With this tool you can read a preview of the upcoming games and top trends to consider on the trends sheet. You can get a little insight into what some of the bookies are looking at and how specific teams have done in previous games.

You can see a breakdown of a teams top stats as well as their standings as well as the standings within their divisions. There are team reports and player injuries listed. There is even a section on the weather that can be expected in the cities where the games will be played.

In fact if there is a stat or report that may affect the way you want to bet on your favorite football team, then it will be on the matchup and odds tool. Take a look for yourself.