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Brighthouse changes game before end AGAIN!

The Idiots at Brighthouse or the Network changes game before it ends

And once again Brighthouse, or the CBS Network decides thery don’t want us watchiong the football game that the Channel guide says we could watch and change the game being showed.

This is just bull and has completely made up my mind that I will NOT be watching football games next year on cable. The guides showed me that the Houston vs Baltimore game would be showing on this channel and the game is NOT over yet so show me the damn game you said you would show me or just take the damn network off the air.

From this day forward I will likely NEVER recommend anyone use cable for their television and stronlgy encourage everyone to look into satellite.

The network said I could watch the Houston game and that’s the one I wanted to watch, to COMPLETION, not until some jerk sitting in an office watching ALL the games decides what I can watch.

DVR takes longer to reboot during game

Something else happened last night during a game that had be swearing at Brighthouse. I am not sure if I can blame them or not, but it certainly was pretty poor timing for it to happen. My DVR, which is my cable box that provides me with the digital cable television signal in the house decided to reboot in the middle of the game.

If I thought that this was a Brigthouse pushed update that forced the reboot I would be on the phone right now jumping up and down bitching at them, but I actually suspect that my dvr may or may not be starting to experience some intermittent issues since I had to pull the power and plug it back in to manually reboot it, so I will need to keep an eye on it in case I have to swap it out.

I would consider doing it today but since it is football season the recorded shows on the dvr are starting to pile up since I have been spending more time watching the games and before and after game shows.

Did you know that when the cable box does decide to reboot that it takes LONGER to reboot if it is during a football game?

I had mentioned this to my friend Chips over at Poker Player US and his rather humorous but sadly true response was, “That is another ‘strange but true’ phenomenon. And when it does finally come back on, it is a commercial break.”

You’re right Chips, and when you return to the game you hear things like, “That truly is likely going to be the play that changed the outcome of the game, but since we have showed it 4 times already we will not show it again”…..

Well luckily this time, although I had missed a few plays none of the ones I missed were game changers but I was still aggravated by it.

Note to self, on the non-football days watch some of the shows on the dvr so you can swap it out. Hmmmm are their days we don’t think about football?

Fox changes the channel on NFL game watchers

After having been upset today by not having a choice in games to watch because of Brighthouse, I now have my choices removed by FX.

I was very much wanting to watch the last part of the San Francisco game but FOX decided I wasn’t allowed and switched to a different game once again removing MY CHOICE in the matter.

Fox, it’s bad enough you have a twisted sense of what is fair to the American people, but to do this shows how little you really care about people at all.

When a fan wants to watch a football game they usually want to watch the whole damn game.

San Francisco score first touchdown in 3rd quarter week 4

San Francisco 49ers take a 17 to 0 lead in the third quarter in the game against the Jets.

I think we will likely see more of the method they have been using today of giving the ball to more guys. So far today 7 different players have carried the ball and have managed to keep the jets defense on their toes more and keep changing things up.

The next possession of the jets is one of the most important of the game and they need to turn it into a score to get back in the game.

Brighthouse Central Florida doesn’t have the games

Brighthouse does a horrible job of allowing footbal fans to see the games they want

Disappointment doesn’t even come close to how I feel about Brighthouse today.

Here it is Sunday afternoon, nice weather, and I have no real choices in the 1:00 PM NFL games I want to watch today. Yes, I can and do have the San Francisco vs NY Jets game on, but that is my ONLY choice.

No other game is available to me, NONE!

Even though CBS is covering 3 games in this time slot, I can’t see any of them because the IDIOTS at Brighthouse think that an infomercial selling a damn juicer is more important than football.

Hey Brighthouse, do you really think I wanna watch a station that shows me highlights? Maybe later tonight or tomorrow or during the week, but when the games are actually taking place, SHOW ME THE GAMES, or I will drop your service and use a service that shows me what I want to see.

Move the infomercials to the middle of the night since people don’t watch them anyway, don’t believe those viewership numbers, those people just fell asleep with the tv on that channel. Or create a channel just for them. Even if you think it’s smart to compete with the NFL a tv show that is nothing more than a stupid ad about a juicer isn’t gonna cut it, a movie might, maybe a cop show or a syndicated series marthon.

Whoever made up this weeks schedule must be the same jerk that thinks the new guides colors with black backgrounds and black borders and the complete lack of color is more appealing than what you had that was easier to read.

Ok, my rant is over, until something else aggrivates me.

Do you know the circle button move?

Ok I admit that I am behind when it comes to gaming, except when it it comes to online casino gaming, but during the Mississippi game I heard a new gaming term.

At one point they gave the ball to Alabama’s running back Eddie Lacy, and while pushing his way through the middle he spun to break a tackle. Nothing new really, but when the announcer said that was what you called a circle button move.

Well after today’s game I know know what the circle button move is.

Further explanation reveals the reason this is called a circle button move is from the XBox since it’s the circle button you use when playing the xbox to make the player spin in an attempt to break tackles to get away from the defender to gain more yards.

Long Term effects of injuries from playing football

Long term effects of playing football lead to lawsuit

For many years football equipment manufacturers have been making improvements in their gear such as shoulder pads and helmets in an effort to reduce injuries.

It’s no secret that the hits a football player endures during an average game can be brutal. In fact it is these same hits that fans want to see and even cheer for.

Think about it, during a play if you are rooting for the defense, you want to see them sack the quarterback, or tackle the reciever. Now you may not be hoping that the quarterback also sustains a concussion from that sack, but it is clearly one of the possible scenarios from that play.

In fact the NFL acknowledged that there could be long term effects of concussions suffered by players and that they would support further research into it. The Center 4 Research has some study information here in this article.

Just this week, Jim McMahon, formerly of the Chicago Bears has stated he would likely have played baseball instead of football had he known more about the long term effects of being hit so hard and so many times over his carreer.

McMahon has come forward publicly since he wants to raise more awareness about the problem. He has recently admitted to suffering from eary-stage dimentia and what led to his comment about wishing he had played baseball instead.

Some players are fighting things such as dementia, memory loss and other effects. In fact a number of NFL players have recently joined in a lawsuit against the league. The lawsuit has made a number of claims, one of which is that the league hid the dangers and long term effects of injuries.

Now I am not saying that the NFL knew about it or that they hid this from the players, but it certainly does raise more questions.

More than 2400 former players are reported to be plaintiffs in the suit and whether it will turn out to have a policy changing effect remains to be seen. Clearly this will raise more awareness on the risks of injuries and possibly give both players and their parents more information and research into helping them decide whether their own children will persue such a career.

Best entertainment of the Georgia vs Tennessee game so far

Mayhem commercial more entertaining then Georgia vs Tennessee game

I must admit to being a big fan of the Mayhem commercials that Alstate has put out. They are funny and do a pretty good job of getting a point accross.

They cover things like paying attention while driving, why texting while driving is bad, and how personal things and stresses can affect one’s focus while driving and how that can be dangerous.

Well today I saw for the first time the commercial where Mayhem (played by Dean Winters), where he is a school team flag that comes off the vehicle and lands on another vehicle’s windsheild and causes an accident.

I commend Allstate for having some downright entertaining and thought provoking ads.  Don’t text and drive, pay attention while being behind the wheel, and by all means, watch out for Mayehm.

The NFL Official’s strike is over

Football Fans around the World are glad the Official’s Strike is Over!

Well the NFL Official’s strike is finally over. And at the Cleveland – Baltimore game, thought to be the very first time in NFL history, the officials came on to the field to a standing ovation.

That really says something, not only about the job they do, but how important this was to the fans of the game.

I think league leaders and team owners need to keep that in mind when they sit down and consider the consessions they may have given to make this deal happen.

In the last few weeks it had become very clear how important a resolution to this strike was, and how much most officials working really knew what they were doing, and how hard their job really was.

Sure we can sit back watching a game and catch a call we felt one of them may have missed or that we disagreed with, but these guys are out there every week for hours calling these games.

No single player on offense or defense plays every down, but the officials do. And have you ever watched how much these guys have to run? How many times have you seen a ref running for 40 yards, or more, BACKWARDS, and still make the call?

Are some of them going to make a mistake this year? Probably and it would be silly to even think that it isn’t possible. But I for one am very glad they are back at work, and I also have gained a bit more respect for them then I had last year.

And I think that they truly earned that respect. Congratulations.