Will New England Patriots make the spread against Baltimore Ravens in AFC Conference game?

Can the New England Patriots cover the spread against the Baltimore Ravens in AFC Conference game?

With the point spread floating in the 7.5 to 9 point range, the New England Patriots are favorites to win the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.
New England earned a regular season ranking in offense of number one overall and the Ravens were ranked 16th. However in the post season Baltimore has the number one rank and the Patriots are ranked 6th.

I think a lot of the outcome of this game will depend on the Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady. In fact, as of last week with their win against the Texans, Brady surpassed Joe Montana’s record and now has the most post season wins with 17. A win against the Ravens today would give Brady his 6th Superbowl appearance.

Another record Brady could surpass in this game is that of total number of post season touchdown passes held by Joe Montana, currently at 45. Brady has 41 right now, so although breaking the record would be a feather in his cap, he needs to complete 5 to break the record, which he obviously has a better shot at doing with a win against Baltimore.

These two teams met earlier in the year in week 3. Baltimore won that game 31 to 30, and their game winning drive was in the last two minutes.

I honestly do not see this game ending the same way although the Ravens defense is going to give Brady as much trouble as they possibly can.

The Ravens had a great year and their quarterback, Joe Flacco has put up some decent numbers in many games this year, but I think that Brady will be victorious tonight.

The Ravens defense is going to do everything they can to keep the Patriots from covering the spread and getting the football back into the hands of Flacco and giving them the opportunity for the win, I just don’t think they will be able to do it.

I am picking New England to win and making the spread. I think they can win and should be able to win by 10 points.

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