Offsides, team and player points to consider on both sides before placing a Football Bet!

This past week, Frank Benjamin, a friend of mine over at OddsOnBetting and I were discussing some of the previous weeks’ football games and how we felt about who had the better defensive lines, who were some of the best quarterbacks currently playing today, as well as a few other positions; we realized we didn’t agree on many points.

This is actually quite normal for a few guys to disagree on who the best in football is. There were even a few times when we discussed the same team where we didn’t agree on which player would be the deciding force to help drive the win, or who would dominate or score the most.

During this discussion I brought up the challenge that a few guys from other betting portals had made about my picks for the games in week 5 and week 6 and the results from the games I picked. I had actually challenged anyone interested in disputing any of my picks would be welcomed.

The more Frank and I talked about it, the more we wanted to make our discussions available to our visitors to agree or disagree with what we both had to say. This is how “Offsides” was started. The name was thought up by Frank and I thought it was a great idea and we are hoping our visitors will enjoy the articles.

What Offsides will contain is quite simple. Each week, we will pick one game to review, argue, and generally disagree on. We will look at the numbers; provide tidbits and opinions on why we think the team has a shot at winning. We will expose players we think have the potential to make big plays and those we think will help take their respective teams to the win.

This series of articles are not necessarily meant to be specific picks as much as they are meant to give some solid information on both teams, similar to a point-counterpoint type of style. We hope that by giving our visitors the opportunity to read both articles they will be able to look at both sides of the discussion from opposing points of view.

By looking at both sides, bettors are reminded that at any time, players on either side could make a big play that has the potential to change the momentum, or even outcome of the game. We hope that you enjoy this new section both here at Football Betting World as well as the articles over at OddsOnBetting.

We encourage you to bookmark both of our sites and add them to your favorites so you can read our thoughts on the games we pick each week.

Below, we have made it easy to find each weeks choice of games we reviewed.

Offsides Week 7 Baltimomre Ravens against Houston Texans.
Don’t count the Ravens out just yet, they Can win against the Texans

Offsides Week 8 Denver Broncos against New Orleans Saints.
Why the Denver Broncos are favorite picks over the New Orleans Saints

Offsides Week 9 Minnesota Vikings against Seattle Seahawks.
Why the Seahawks will beat the spread over the Vikings

Offsides Week 10 Chicago Bears against the Houston Texans.
Will Chicago Bears prove Sportsbooks right and win over Houston Texans.

Offsides Week 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers against Carolina Panthers
Can the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the point spread against the Carolina Panthers?

Offsides Week 12 Atlanta Falcons against Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Can the Atlanta Falcons make the point spread against Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Offside Week 13 New York Giants against Washington Redskins
Will Giants make the point spread against Redskins week 13?

Offsides Week 14 New England Patriots against the Houston texans
Can New England Patriots make spread against Houston Texans week 14?

Offsides Week 15 Dallas Cowboys against the Pittsburgh Steelers
Will the Dallas Cowboys win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 15?

Offsides Week 16 San Francisco 49ers against the Seattle Seahawks
Will the San Francisco 49ers win against the Seattle Seahawks in week 16?

Offsides Week 17 Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins
Will the Dallas Cowboys make the point spread against the Washington Redskins in week 17?