Will San Francisco 49ers make the spread against Atlanta Falcons in NFC Conference game?

Can the San Francisco 49ers cover the spread against the Atlanta Falcons in NFC Conference game?

Picked as favorites by the sportsbooks to win the NFC Conference championship game, the San Francisco 49ers face the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta this afternoon. The bookies have the 49ers winning this game with a 4 point spread.

Obviously when the post season reaches this point a number of people may not agree on who will come out of this game with the victory. In fact I do not agree with a number of my friends on who will win, but that is a normal occurrence with friends when discussing just about any sporting event.

This is a great matchup. Both of these teams have conquered not only their opponents to reach this spot in the post season, but each of them have won games which many analysts and even the sports books did not pick them to win.

Looking at their rankings it is easy to see why the game will be full of excitement and why it was likely not very easy for the books to set the line on the game. We have seen many instances this season where the numbers alone are not the only factors to look at when making your picks or football betting choices.

Who is Football Betting World picking to win the game between San Francisco and Atlanta?

This is a tough question to answer. When we look at offense rankings, the 49ers have a better overall ranking as well as passing and running games in the post season. If we look at who has the better post season record then you would choose the 49ers but when you look at the regular season, the Falcons get the nod. Whoever wins this game, they both deserve the kudos for reaching this point and the opportunity to play in today’s game.

But the nature of gambling and betting on a football game demands that you make a choice. Although I do think they both have great offenses and also think that they have each done well against the odds in many games I think that the San Francisco defense will be able to defend against Matt Ryan and will come out on top.

If I was making picks based solely on offense I would pick the Falcons, but the 49ers defense has had a great year both against the passing game as well as defending against the run.

I think this game will be determined in part by the 49er defense stepping up and making the big plays needed to take the Falcons off the field, or keeping them, from making that touchdown that would have given them the edge.

I am picking San Francisco to win the game, and cover the spread. I think the Falcons will put on a good show, and in fact I see Atlanta having the lead at least once during the first half, but I pick the 49ers by 5.

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