Green Bay Packers vs New York Giants 1st Half week 12

The 1st half of the Green Bay Packers football game against the New York Giants in week 12

The Giants have the ball first in the game. On a 3rd down they run a screen and Ahmad Bradshaw gets the short pass and runs it down to inside the 5. They get the score and the Giants take a very early lead with a score of 7 to 0.

On the first possession for the Packers, they actually manage to get a first down on the ground before quarterback Aaron Rodgers even throws his first pass. On a second down and 4, Rodgers throws a pass to Jordy Nelson and they get the touchdown. In just over 4 minutes we have a football game tied at 7 points each.

On the next drive, NY quarterback Eli Manning attempts a pass on a 3rd and 6 from the 21 but it is incomplete and the Giants will punt for the first time in the game.

A nice run by Randall Cobb around the outside and he gets a first down. On a 3rd and 3 Rodgers needing to by some time steps up in the pocket but is tripped up and doesn’t conver the down. They attempt a 55 yard field goal but it is not good so the Giants will take over at mid field on their own 45.

A good scrampble by Manning on 3rd down and rather than not convert the first, he runs it out and gets the 1st on his own. Then on a 3rd and 5 a pass to tight end Rueben Randle in the end zone gets them the touchdown and the Giants get the lead back with a score 14 to 7.

On the next drive, Rodgers throws an interception which is picked off by Corey Webster. The drive is stopped but NY does manage to get the field goal extending their lead and taking the score to 17 to 7.

As the first quarter ends has the ball on the 13. The score is at 17 Giants to Packers 7. The Packers must punt with nothing happening on the drive.

Great ball movement by the Giants and they get another first down after a gain of 25. The Packers are going to need to start closing up the holes in their coverage and stop the Giants from rounding the corner to the outside which they have pretty effective in the last few drives.

A pass to Victor Cruz gives the Giants another touchdown and they have now pulled ahead with a score of 24 NY to 7 Green Bay.

On a 3rd and 4 a nice short and unexpected pass to the full back John Kuhn they get a 32 yard gain and a first down. They do not get the 1st on a 3rd and short so they deciode to take a 28 yard field goal attempt. They get the 3 points so the score is now 10 green Bay to 24 New York making it a 2 score game.

Green Bay gets the ball back just as the two minute warning comes up so they have just enough time to get down field if they can have a few effective plays. the ball is stripped away from Rodgers and the Giants recover and get the ball on the Packer 23.

The Giants get into the end zone again and NY now has a 21 point lead. With only 44 seconds left in the first half, the Packers will need to play like they did on the first possession to make anything happen. They can’t pull it off and go to the locker room down by 21 points. the score at the half 31 to 21.

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