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Why the Seahawks will beat the spread over the Vikings

Will the Seattle Seahawks suprise the sportsbooks and meet the spread over the favored Minnesota Vikings?

Let’s take a closer look at the teams in the upcoming game in this week’s Offsides Challenge.

First let’s will look at the standings. The Vikings are at 5 wins and 3 losses and the Seattle Seahawks are at 4 and 4.

If we look at the stats in the air, the quarterbacks of both teams are hitting in the mid 60 percent range although the passing game is not the most popular choice of either team.

The Viking defense will be wanting to shut down Russell Wilson, but he has shown many times in games this year that he is no stranger to scrambling, not always getting the big yards and although not perfect, he does hold his own in avoiding getting sacked. And his offensive line has been improving on protecting him also.

Even though Seattle’s strongest points are not their passing game, they do have a number of receivers to turn to that are not strangers in the end zone. In fact both Sidney Rice and Golden Tate each have 3 touchdowns this year.

The Vikings defense may try to wrap up Tate and Rice in coverage but they are not the only weapons they have and they can always go to very capable tight ends such as Zach Miller or Anthony McCoy. Again, not the only tools in the arsenal, but the kinds of players that have shown time and again they are ready and able to be there when needed.

The Seahawks have often been moving the ball well on the ground and turning to the run at times when they need a high percentage play and they will likely be going to the run quite a bit. In fact I think we may see a big game from running back Marshawn Lynch and I would not be surprised if he gets at least one touchdown.

And Lynch is not the only tool they have in their running game. We could also see a fair amount of action from Robert Turbin and Leon Washington.

The Seattle offense is very capable of getting points on the board but in order to help make that happen we will need to see a strong defense as well. The Viking offense has improved their running game the last few weeks.

I think they will have their hands full, but I also think they are up to the job. They will have to keep a close eye on Adrian Peterson, running back for the Vikings who is having a decent year, but I think they will be able to keep him from making the big play that many might be expecting.

I think that they will be effective enough against the run that Minnesota may feel they have no choice but to try and go to their passing game and if they do end up doing that I think that we will see the Seattle defense make the big plays and force turnovers.

As of today the sportsbook Bet Online has the Seahawks as a 5 point favorite and William Hill also had the same line Wednesday evening.

I think a lot of the game will be on the ground and I think the Seahawks will make the spread but it may well be a tight game. If you want to see what the latest odds are for this game or any other game this week, just check the football betting matchup tool located on the left navigation or visit one of our recommended sportsbooks such as William Hill (non US players) or Bet Online.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the other side of the coin and check out this week’s “Offsides” article by Frank Benjamin here.

Final quarter Denver Broncos vs New Orleans Saints week 8

An impressive win in the game by the Denver Broncos over the New Orleans Saints.

The first play of the 4th quarter has the Broncos scoring a touchdown and taking the score to 31 to 7. Denver has the lead.

The Saints again are unable to convert against the defense of Denver. After a good punt Denever sarts the drive from deep in their territory.

It doesn’t take long and Manning gets them out of their own territory and has them in mid field quickly. The Denver offense has been doing well both in the air and they haven’t done terrible on the ground either. Obviously they have many more yards in the air, but they have been adding a bit of running plays in to the mixture well and have managed to keep the Saints defense guessing.

Even though Manning is unable to convert on this drive and they are forced to kick, they have a great punt and the will get the ball back on their own 2 yard line.

Again the defense of the Broncos shut down the Saints offense and get the ball back. They convert the drive into 3 more points and now the score stands at 34 to 7.

With only 5 plus minutes left in the game it would take more than just a simple miracle to take the game back but at this point the Saints must work on converting on their drives and reduce the mistakes.

New Orleans has a decent drive and makes it to mid field. After fighting their way to a few first downs they actually manage to make it into the end zone again for the second time in the game. This takes the score to 14 Saints to 34 Broncos.

The Broncos get the ball back and will have just enough time to run one play as we get to the two minute warning. Manning does not go in for their last possession and Denver punts. The Saints come on to the field for a kneel down and Denver wins with a final score of 34 to 14.

Denver Broncos win football game over New Orleans Saints by defense

Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and the Bronco offense have made a number of really good plays, but I honestly think this football game was won by the Denver defense.

When you talk about a game being won or loss by the defense in many cases you would most likely think the person was speaking about offensive line penetration when in the case of the Saints against the Broncos we are speaking about coverage on the receivers.

This is quite evident since the Denver Broncos has been doing a much better job of being there in the face of the receivers whereas the Bronco receivers have managed to get free of their coverage and making the completions.

Having a defense that played as well as Denvers did tonight against the Saints is just the kind of team play that backs up an offense with a quarterback like Peyton Manning.

I think it is this kind of game play that will win them the conference and give them an excellent shot at the division.

Saints vs Broncos 3rd quarter week 8

The Broncos hold the lead throughout the 3rd quarter against the Saints

The Broncos are controlling the ball well and they end up with another touchdown extending the lead over the Saints to 24 to 7.

The Broncos do not have the game won just yet. Don’t forget that last week against the Buccaneers the Saints were down by 14 and ended up coming back and winning the game by 7 points.

Even though that is the case it didn’t happen on this drive and they punt the ball again with a bit over 5 minutes left in the third quarter.

The Saints defense stops the next drive giving them another offensive shot at turning things back around. But they are unable to and it’s Broncos ball again.

As the third quarter ends the Broncos still have the ball and the lead with the score at 24 to 7 of New Orleans.

Denver Broncos vs New Orleans Saints Half Time week 8

The Denver Broncos lead the football game at the end of the first half against the New Orleans Saints

The Saints even up the score on the first play of the second quarter. The score is tied at 7 each. Good solid defense from the Saints and they stop Denver at mid field and force them to punt.

On the next possession and true to form Drew Brees is throwing very accurately as expected. And even though they make it to mid field they can not convert and decide to go for it on 4th down. instead of converting the down he throws an interception and the Broncos get the ball back at mid field.

On the first play of the drive a play fake and pass puts them in Saints territory on the 23. Denver makes the score and they take the lead. Score stands at 14 to 7.

The Broncos defense keeps Brees from scoring on this drive and Manning gets the ball back with just over 4 minutes left in the half.

Denver takes the field goal near the end of the half which does extend their lead to 10. The half time score is 14 Denver to 7 New Orleans.

New Orleans Saints vs Denver Broncos 1st Quarter

Expecting big passing numbers from both the New Orleans and Denver, the first quarter is shockingly low scoring.

Not much there for Drew Brees and they go 3 and out in their first drive. Broncos get the ball on the 32 with a fair catch for their first drive. Surprisingly the Broncos also go 3 and out and it’s time for the Saints to have another drive.

Brees and company have a much better drive but they can not convert the first down once they reach mid field and punt. The Saints down the ball close to the one so the Broncos will take over deep in their own territory and need a first down just to get some breathing room.

It takes two runs but they get the first down. 4 plays and 4 runs for Willis McGahee and they have their second first down. Then a nice pass to Demaryius Thomas and they are in Saints territory.

A few plays and it’s first and goal on the 1/2 yard line. The Broncos score on the next play and they take the lead and it’s 7 to 0.

The Bronco defense really needs to shut down Brees at this point and give the Broncos the early edge and an attempt to keep the Saints from gaining any momemtum. And they do just that and in fact strip the ball away from Brees and almost force a turnover but the Saints manage to recover but are forced to punt.

The New Orleans defense need to keep Manning guessing more then ever now. Allowing them to get a touchdown lead this early in the game would be a bad thing for sure. And the defense does step up and they force a turnover.

As the 1st quarter is winding down the Saints are just getting into Bronco territory. Denver has the lead 7 to 0.

Final quarter New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys week 8

The 4th quarter of the Cowboys vs Giants football game turns out to be more exciting than most would have thought compared to the first half.

The Giants do manage to get the lead back and the score is now 26 to 24.

In the middle of another very good drive by the Cowboys and they turn the ball over once again. This mistake could easily cost Dallas the game just when they were starting to gain control back.

Unable to turn the drive after the fumble into a touchdown they do manage to get within field goal distance and take the 3. This puts the score at 29 to 24.

In order for Dallas to take the lead back and ultimately win the game on their next possession they must get in to the end zone. They have just over 3 minutes to do so.

The final drive of the Cowboys has been the best and most impressive drive of the entire game hands down. Romo got the Cowboys to just inside the red zone but ends up throwing another interception (his 4th in the game) on 4th and 1 on the NY 19.

The Giants have the ball and only 1 minute left in the game they need only to run a few plays and hold on to the ball. They are unable to get a first down and must punt the ball.

The Cowboys get the ball back with 44 seconds left on the clock but are out of time outs. The Cowboys show their stuff and Romo does a good job moving the ball and they manage the clock well. What could be a miracle winning hail Mary pass with 10 seconds left is caught in the end one but the receivers hand hits the back line before he lands so it is ruled an in-complete pass.

Romo actually gets two more pass attempts but is unable to do the job and they run their last play with 1 second left.

The Giants hold the lead and win with a final score of 29 to 24.

Giants vs Cowboys 3rd quarter week 8

The Cowboys played a much better quarter and get the lead back by the end of the quarter.

Dallas has the first possession in the 3rd and does well with it. They get into NY territory fairly quickly. they do get into the red zone and do so while getting a first down. They end up getting another first down on about the 1/2 so it’s first and goal.

The Giants defense stops them at the goal and force them into a 4th down attempt on the 1/2. Tony Romo gets his first rushing touchdown of the game and runs it in for the points. It is now back to a 1 score game and the score is Dallas 17 to NY 23.

The momemtum in this drive certainly has been on the Dallas side and the Giants need to protect the ball well on their next possession so the game does not get away from them.

Dallas has scored 17 unanswered points and stop the Giants on their first drive and will get the ball back and with a decent return get the ball on about the 41.

Tony Romo and the rest of his offense has been playing this quarter with much more confidence. They do get in to the end zone and suddenly the Giants lead had dried up and Dallas has the lead back at 24 to 23.

As the 3rd quarter nears the end a big mistake by the Giants and they turn the ball over giving Dallas a big shot at now extending their 1 point lead.

Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants Half Time week 8

Dallas has made many mistakes in the first half and NY Giants have capitalized with the lead at the half.

Another field goal by NY and the lead is extended even further. Then if that wasn’t enough but another interception thrown by Tony Romo and NY takes the pick in for another touchdown.

The Giants now have a 23 point lead and have held the Cowboys to a no score game. On the next possession by the Giants, Dallas manages to force a fumble and recover the ball. The Cowboys must do something on this possession as a boost of confidence and to get at least some momemtum before the end of the half.

This drive saw Romo with more incomplete passes and the Dallas offense just can’t make anything happen. The Giants defense is doing a good job of keeping the receivers covered and not allowing Romo to do anything effective within the pocket and they must punt again.

Dallas defense played this drive well and forces NY to punt. If Dallas wants to get back into this game at all they just have to stop making the mistakes they made early in the game.

A few good throws and good catches, even in heavy traffic and Dallas is moving the ball well again early in the drive. They have started a few other drives this way but it does appear they are ready to turn things around even if only for the moment.

A first down deep in NY territory and they may be able to turn it into a score. And they do manage to get the touchdown and put the first points up for Dallas. This was a very important score for them since the last thing they would have wanted to to go to the locker room being shut out.

Dallas does not force a 3 and out but they do stop the Giants and they punt. The Cowboys start the drive with average field position and get a first down on the first play. Then they get a deep pass and suddenly have the ball approaching the red zone on about the 24 and are within scoring distance just as the 2 minute warning on the half arrives.

Once again the NY defense stops Romo on 3rd down and they take a 51 yard field goal. They have cut the lead to 13 and the score is Dallas 10 to NY 23. NY has under a minute left and 3 time outs in the half to try and increase their lead.

NY is unable to do anything on the drive and the half time score is Dallas 23 to Giants 10.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys 1st Quarter

The NY Giants have an early lead against the Dallas Cowboys in week 8

The Giants ahave a few good plays on their first drive but have to settle fir 3 are are first putting points up.

A big mistake in mid field by Tony Romo and the Giants get their first pick and interception. The Giants turn the drive into another field goal and take a 6 point lead against Dallas.

Tony Romo throws another interception. The Cowboys just can not continue to play this way. Tony Romo has had 2 possessions and has turned the ball over twice.

The Giants are well within striking distance but their offense needs to settle down a bit and convert on their 3rd downs better. A short run by Andre Brown and NY extends their lead to 13 to 0 against the Cowboys.

Time for Dallas to take another shot and hopefully the early mistakes Romo has made have not blown his confidence completely because now more than ever Dallas needs to protect the football and convert.

Great punt return by Lance Dunbar of Dallas and they are close to mid field. A poor snap on the 3rd down and Dallas is forced to punt and NY gets the ball back with just over 2 minutes left in the first quarter.

3 and outfor the Giants and Dallas has another opportunity before the end of the quarter. But on the punt return the ball is stripped away on the return and the Giants get the ball back on the third turnover by Dallas.

The score at the end of the third quarter is 13 NY to Dallas 0.

Final quarter in Green Bay Packers in Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville defense plays well against Green Bay but they fail to win.

A good drive by the Packers early in the 4th quarter and they get into the end zone and they take their lead against the Jaguars to 9 with a score of 21 to 12.

During their next drive the Jacksonville offense knows they must convert this drive into a touchdown. It shows and they do better and manage to get a few first downs. They just can’t get in and take the field goal and the score is 15 to 21.

Jacksonville pass defense has done a great job and manages to shut down Rodgers again and keep him from getting his offense down the field and they go 3 and out and punt the football. The next possession of the Jaguars is one of the most important drives of the game for them.

A few good plays and their offense is starting to show a bit of life. On third down and 10 with the ball on the 50 they just can’t convert and they are forced to attempt a first down on 4th and four, but they do not get the conversion, giving the ball back to Green Bay at mid field.

A pass interferance on the Jaguars shortly before the 2 minute warning really hurt them giving Green Bay another first down. Green Bay only needs to control the ball and manage the clock well on this drive which could be the last drive of the day.

They do not convert the 3rd down but managed to run the clock down to 31 seconds and call in their kicking team. A 25 yard field goal and the score is 24 to 15. Jacksonville will get the ball back with just enough time to run one or two plays since they are out of time outs.

Green Bay Packers take the win home over the Jacksonville Jaguars with a final score of 24 to 15.