Second Half Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers week 12

Carolina Panthers down by 1 point against Philadephia Eagles in week 12 football game

Down by 1 point the Panthers get the first possession in the second half. An illegal block penalty on the Panthers on the return from the kickoff costs them a lot of yards. They make up most of it on the 1st down play. On a 2nd and 11 a great pass play caught by Lewis Murphy and they have a 1st down on the Eagle 29.

A nice scramble by Newton gets another first down and they are in the red zone with a first down. He does it again on 2nd down and gets another first on the 5. On a 3rd and goal Newton just jumps over almost the whole pack and gets the touchdown. The score stands at 21 Panthers to 15 Eagles.

On their next drive by the Eagles the Panthers manage to force a fumble and recover the football. This turnover could be the turning point in the game if Carolina can have a successful drive and extend their lead late in the 3rd quarter. Unable to keep the drive alive they punt and the Eagles will get another shot from their own 30 yard line.

A nice pass by the Eagles and they get a first down. On the next play a pass interference call on Captain Munnerlyn gives the Eagles a 51 yard gain and another first down. Then on the next play a short pass to Bryce Brown and he is in for a touchdown and the Eagles get the lead back again. The score is 22 Eagles to 21 Panthers.

I must admit this game is more fun to watch than I thought it was going to be. The Panthers get the ball back with just over 3 minutes left in the third quarter. The drive is stopped with a big 3rd down sack so the Panthers punt and the Eagles get the ball back on their own 42.

On the first play of the drive the Panthers force another fumble, and Carolina recovers the ball and their offense gets another opportunity. As the quarter ends the Panthers have a 1st down and the ball is on the Eagle 24.

Unable to get in for 6 on this drive they take an easy field goal and get the lead back and the score is now Panthers 24 to Eagles 22.

The Eagles seem to be running the ball a bit more than I thought they would and it has been somewhat effective. In fact if it wasn’t for the two fumbles they have have by Bryce Brown the score would likely favor the Eagles by much more.

Although the Eagles manage to get a first down at mid field the Panther defense stops them and they attempt to go for it on 4th down and do not convert so the Panthers get the ball back on downs on the 40.

I don’t know if I have ever seen 3 penalties in a row on the defense, but the Eagles get 3 off sides or encroachment 3 plays in a row on this drive. The Panthers punch it in with a short run by Newton giving him his second rushing touchdown of the night. The extra point is missed so the score is now Panthers 30 to Eagles 22.

Unbelievable, but on the return by Philadelphia, Brandon Boykin loses the football. The Panthers recover the ball and with only just over 4 minutes left in the game, Carolina will only need to control the ball well and manage the clock. Scoring on their next drive would seal the deal for them.

At the two minute warning the Panthers still have the ball but it is third down so a first down would win it. Newton is hurried and forced out of the pocket but he makes the comletion and they only need to wind down the time now.

The Panthers win and the final score is Carolina Panthers 30 to Philadelphia Eagles 22.

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