Can Seattle Seahawks win against the Washington Redskins in wild card game

Can the Seattle Seahawks win against the Washington Redskins in the 2012 wild card game?

This is likely one of the best wild card matchups we will see and is a first in many ways. Some have said that the style of game play by each of these quarterbacks is the wave of the future.

Ironically, both of them are rookies and they each have quite a following and have earned the respect and adoration of fans, not only in their home cities, but across the country. Both are candidates for the Rookie of the Year and both of them have just had fantastic years and have been wowing fans and opponents all year.

Both quarterbacks are very accurate passers and have been completing in the mid 64% and 65% of their passes. Both of them have passed for over 3100 yards and each of them has more than 20 touchdowns. Robert Griffin III of the Redskins has thrown 5 interceptions and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks has thrown 10.

Not too bad when you consider that each of them have attempted 393 passes, RG3 has completed 258 and Wilson completed 252. Damn close numbers there aren’t they? RGIII has been sacked 30 times for 212 yards and Wilson has been sacked 33 times for 203 yards. Again another stat that is very close.

But the most unique things that make these two picked as the new breed of quarterbacks are their other abilities they throw into the mix. They both are very fast runners and both are extremely versatile when it comes to moving around in the pocket, breaking tackles and avoiding sacks, and running the ball when the play action falls apart or the pocket collapses in on them.

The running ability of these two would be considered acceptable as running backs, but they are quarterbacks. Russell Wilson has rushed for 489 yards and 4 touchdowns and RG3 has rushed for a whopping 815 yards and 7 touchdowns. And don’t forget, they are both rookies.

And these two are not the only guys on each team that run the football either. Washington running back, also a rookie, Alfred Morris has 1613 yards with 13 touchdowns. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch, in his 6th season, has 1590 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Seattle’s offense is ranked 17th overall and they have a 27th ranked passing game and are ranked 3rd with their offense on the ground. Seattle has the 4th best ranked defense and is ranked 6th against the pass and 10th against the running game.

Washington on the other hand is ranked 5th overall and 20th on their passing game and they have the number #1 best ranked rushing game. Washington’s defense has a rank of 28th overall and is 30th against the pass and is 5th against the run.

This matchup will likely make this wild card game the most exciting and best game of the entire weekend. Of all the games I managed to watch this year during the regular season, I can clearly say that a few of the most exciting games had one of these two teams in them.

Both of these two teams are a lot of fun to watch. You never know if they are going to have play action, hand the ball off, or if the quarterback will run the ball. This will be a battle of offenses for sure and how each of their defenses are able to defend against it will be interesting.

Who are the sportsbooks picking to win, Washington Redskins or Seattle Seahawks and what is the point spread?

Checking on the sports betting shops like Bet Online, as of Wednesday night most of the books had the Seahawks winning the game with a 3 point spread.

Like I said above I think this will be the best matchup of the weekend and a game we might be talking about for the next week. I will however go on record against the bookies on this one though.

I think the Washington Redskins will win this game against the Seattle Seahawks. Originally I leaned toward a much larger win; but I will stay on the conservative side and pick the Redskins over the Seahawks by 2 points.

Whether you bet on the conservative side, always go with the bookies picks or you only pick long shots and play against the point spread, take a look at the sports betting at Bet Online.


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