First Half New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons week 12

First half of the football game between New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons week 13

The Falcons earn the score on their first drive in the game. They take the early lead with a score of 7 to 0.

On a 3rd and 8 Drew Brees throws a 38 yard pcompletion for a first down. On a 3rd and 7 Brees goes deep in the end zone but it is intercepted and the Sainsts drive is stopped short in it’s tracks and gives up possession of the ball.

Matt Ryan just can’t get the drive going this time and doesn’t conver on 2nd and 7 or 3rd and 7. They punt the ball for the first time. With just minutes left in the first quarter Drew Brees will have a chance to even the score late in the 1st quarter.

Suddenly Brees is in a 3rd and 14 situation so he goes to Marques Colston and gets the 1st near nid field. A short gain on the ground and it’s 3rd and short. He does not make the conversion so they punt the ball and Atlanta now has the opportunity to extend their lead over the Saints.

On the first down Michael Turner gets to the outside on the ground and makes the first down. And they give it to Turner again and he gets the first down again. Ryan can not continue the drive and they need to punt the ball again.

The Saints can’t make much f their drive so the Falcons will get one last opportunity to touch the ball in the first quarter. Ryan gets a first down and they are past mid field. Another pass to Julio Jones and they have a first down inside the 20 as the 1st quarter ends. The score is Atlanta 7 to New Orleans 0. And Ryan goes into the end zone to Tony Gonzalez and the falcons move to 14 to 0 over the Saints.

And Brees gets a first down with a short pass. Atlanta defense steps in and breaks up the next 2 plays and a delay of game on 3rd down and it’s 3rd and 15. 3rd down is an incomplete pass so the Saints punt again.

With 14 point lead Atlanta gets another shot at the ball early in the second quarter. they just can’t quite keep the drive going and have to punt the ball. A nice return for the Saints and they will start their drive on the yard line.

Drew Brees just threw his second inception tonight and the Falcons get the ball back with Geat field position.

The Saints defense does a good job and breaks up a few Falcon plays well. Unable to continue the drive they take a field goal and now the score is Atlanta 17 to New Orleans 0.

A pass down the center by Brees into double coverage and Lance Moore has a first down at mid field. A deep pass near the end zone is incomplete and it’s 3rd and 8. Under heavy pressure Brees gets a completion and gets a first down.

Brees gets another first down and they are at the 10. On the next play they appear to get the touchdown. But after review the player was ruled down at the 1. They do get the touchdown on the next play. With the extra point the score moves to New Orleans 7 to Atlanta 17.

The Saints defense does another good job and breaks up first and second down well. On 3rd down they get about 9 yards so its’ 4th and 1 and the Falcons punt the ball with 2 minutes plus on the clock before the end of the half.

A deep pass to Moore and the Saints get a 1st down on the Falcons 40 as the two minute warning for the first half. Another pass down the middle and they have forst on the 21. A pass to Darren Sproles and it’s 1st and goal. What would have been a 7 yard touchdown is taken back for an offensive interference call.

From the 17 yard line he goes to Sproles again and gets the ball to the 3. Brees doesn’t have enough time to get the ball spiked to stop the clock and the time runs out so they do not get the opportunity to run one play or go for the field goal.

The score at half time is New Orleans Saints 7 to Atlanta Falcons 17.

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