Picks and Predictions with Final Scores for Wild Card Games

Which teams will win the Wild Card Games in 2012 Season?

Well it’s January 2013 and as we start a new year with our resolutions still fresh in our mind we take a look at the wild card games and make our predictions for the first 4 games that lead to the Divisional Round as we prepare to get ready for the Superbowl.

This is a year of firsts in many ways. In this week’s games we have 3 teams that have rookie quarterbacks that have earned their spots in the playoffs. A number of analysts and commentators have called a few of them the “new breed” of quarterbacks and that we will see more of this type of back in the future.

The kind of quarterbacks we are talking about is Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks and Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins. If you have not seen either of these guys play, I suggest you watch the matchup between these two on January 6th in the 4:30 pm game.

The mobility of both of them in the pocket, as well as the sheer speed and how fast they can turn a play action play into a rushing play that gets the yards, the first downs and the scores is so much fun to watch that everyone should get to see it.

Whether it’s true and that we will see a lot more of this type of quarterback in the future remains to be seen, but those rookies that brought their teams this far should certainly be commended for the work they have done and what they have accomplished.

To provide a single simple list of our predictions and picks for this week’s wild card games, see our list below. We have listed our pick for the game and a link to the article of why we made the prediction that we have.

After the games actually take place, we will also update the page with the final scores for the games so you can easily come back and see how we did with our picks and have easy access to the final scores.

Wild Card Games Picks, Results and Final Scores

Houston Texans against the Cincinnati Bengals

As of Tuesday afternoon the books had the Texans winning this game with a 4 point spread. Although I think the Bengals will do very well in this game, I will side with the sportsbooks and pick them to win and to cover the spread.

Green Bay Packers against the Minnesota Vikings

Almost all of the bookies have the Packers winning this game. Minnesota is a great team and this is the third time these two met this year each of them winning once. Providing that the Green Bay defense can at least somewhat contain the Viking running back Adrian Peterson, I think the experience of Aaron Rodgers will help take the Packers to the win and they should cover the spread just fine.

Seattle Seahawks against the Washington Redskins

The Battle of the Rookie Quarterbacks! This is the game that I am personally looking forward to the most this week. There is a lot of hype and fans leaning on the side of Seattle and the sports books have picked the Seahawks to win this game and have given them a 3 point spread.

I am going against the grain and disagreeing with the books on this game. My money is being bet on the Washington Redskins to beat the Seattle Seahawks in this wild card game. I say bet the Skins, they will win by 2 points.

Baltimore Ravens against the Indianapolis Colts

The Ravens are favored by the sportsbooks to win this game by 6.5 points. After losing 4 of their last 5 games I see them having some trouble this game and with some of the other shakeups, even with Ray Lewis back on the field I see the Colts winning this game by 2 points.

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