Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints 2nd Half week 12

Can the New Orleans Saints come back from a 10 point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons week 13

In order for the saints to get back into this game drew Brees must not have a non-scoring drive. A short run and then a short pass up the middle and the Saints get a first down.

Mixing plays from air to ground the Saints are making good progress on this drive. A big 3rd down play after a 5 yard penalty and the Saints need to conver this 3rd and 9 on the 35. A pass to Sproles and they get a first in the red zone. Down the middle and its inside the 10 with a 1st down.

On a 3rd and goal Brees gets it to the 3 so they decide to take the field goal since they just can not risk a non-scoring drive. The score is 17 Atlanta to 10 New Orleans.

As Atlanta takes over, the Saints defense has to be thinking big play at this point since they need to get the ball back into the hands of their offense. Matt Ryan and company want to get down field and convert into more points since they know that Brees is the kind of quarterback could put points up quickly if given the chance.

At first it appears that Matt Ryan was going to be able to drive down the field but the 3rd down play is incomplete and they have to punt again. The next drive of Drew Brees I think he really needs to get the ball into the end zone.

They need the confidence boost and nothing would help swing the momentum back in their favor than a good solid drive down the field and into for the 6 points in the 3rd quarter.

On a 1st and 10 from the 42 a 8 yard run has the ball on the 50. They try a deep pass to Sproles but it is incomplete. Then its a 3rd and 2 and Pierre Thomas gets the first down on the ground. The Atlanta defense stops them and they try a 52 yard field goal and gets it so the score is 13 New Orleans to 17 Atlanta.

Again the Falcons do not convert the 1st down and once again Atlanta punts the football. And a return by Sproles and the saints will take over very close to mid field.

Suddenly Drew Brees throws an interception picked off by Moore and it’s Falcon’s ball again.

Atlanta finally gets a first down and they go to a no huddle and then Ryan makes another pass inside the the 5 and they have another first down.

As the 3rd quarter ends Atlanta has the ball and a 4 point lead with the ball on the 11 and its 3rd down. 3rd down is incomplete so they have no choice but to take a field goal to extend the lead back to 7. With the 3 points the score is 20 Falcons to 13 Saints.

1 ground play for 5 yards and then Brees goes down the center to Graham and they get a 1st down. They run a screen to Sproles and they are close to a 1st down again. a big play by the defense and they give the Saints a loss of yards and it’s 3rd and 5. Atlanta sacks Brees and they have to punt the ball.

If Atlanta can now have a successful drive and extend their lead the Falcons could be well on their way to the win since it would become a 2 score lead over the Saints.

Ryan is putting together a well planned drive. He is finding the open man even when it’s for short gains and then a short run by Turner and they have another first down. On a 3rd and 8 from mid field Ryan throws to Jones and gets the first down and the ball is on the Saints 39.

They lose a few yards on 2nd and get some of it back on 3rd but have to try a 55 yard field goal which would be a season record for kicker Matt Bryant. And the kick is good so the Falcons take their lead to 10 and the score is 23 Atlanta to 13 New Orleans.

And on 3rd down they get a hand on Brees as he throws and the ball is picked off making it his fourth interception of the game and Atlanta gets the ball back.

Then Saints running back Michael Turner makes some good yards but the saints strip the ball away and it is picked up by a Saints player, and he stays on his feet and the whistle never blows and he takes it all the way for a touchdown. It is reviewed so if it stands it will be points for the Saints and a 3 point game.

It does appear the play may have been called dead after the fumble recovery. The Saints get the ball at the 29 with a first down so the touchdown did not take place since that was after the play was down by contact.

The Saints get a first down before the 2 minute warning. On the next play with the Saints down by 10 Drew Brees throws another interception, but the play is called back with an offsides negating the interception so the Saints retain the ball at the 2 minute warning.

The Saints have 2 minutes to get into the end zone, but even if they do they would still be down by 3 so they would need close to a miracle to get the game back. but instead of that his hopes are shattered and Brees throws another interception making it Atlanta’s ball and just about hands them the game.

They get the 1st down and there is 1 minte 30 seconds left so they really just need to run a few more plays.

The final score in the football game is New Orleans Saints 13 to Atlanta Falcons 23.

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