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Final score in Philadelphia Eagles vs NY Giants

An exciting game and it ends on a failed field goal attempt by the Giants.

The Philadelphia Eagels win the game over the Giants 19 to 17.

Another score change in Philadelphia against NY

Well within moments of publishing the last post Manning did exactly what he needed to do and the Giants move back into the lead. The score stands at 17 to 16.

Early 4th qrtr Giants and Eagles week 4

Well it’s early in the 4th quarter and it has been an exciting and tight game.

With the latest field goal the Eagles extend their lead slightly to 6 points and it is now 16 to 10.

The way the game has been going Eli Manning will have to be very careful and not allow a turnover. His numbers in the 4th quarter have been very good so maybe he can turn this back aroun for the Giants and take the lead back.

Half time Philadelphia Eagles 7 Ny Giants 3

One thing for sure is that both the NY and Philadelphia defense needs a short rest during half time.

Manning gave it a good effort but he just didn’t have enough time and they had to settle for a field goal.

Going in to the locker room the score stands at Eagles 7 Giants 3.

Interesting as the stats show that there was no score during the first 28 minutes of the game. That is not bad offense but due to very effective defense.

Eagles first to score against Giants week 4

Well it’s just before half time in the Giants/Eagles game and like I had predicted at the beginning of the game it has been a low scoring game all around.

Late in the half Michael Vick finally got his team into a position to score and a pass to Desean Jackson puts the first points up.

Looking at the numbers consider that this was the tenth drive of the game and the first drive to not end with a punt.

With the change of possession, Eli Manning has roughly a minute and a half to get down field in an attempt to tie it up before the end of the half.

Ny Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles week 2nd quarter 4

Like I mentioned in my earlier post at at the beginning of the game it has been defense defense defense.

With less than 5 minutes left in the half neither team has been able to convert or get deep enough into their opponents territory to even attempt a field goal.

Both Michael Vick as well as Eli Manning have made some good plays and even had a few nice caught passes, but each time something happened to keep them from contining during that possession.

Currently the Eagles have the ball and have just made it into Giants territory so maybe it’s time to see points made.

Philadelphia Eagles and NY Giants square off week 4

Well it’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting game between the NY Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.

I don’t look for it to be an extremely high scoring game and in fact I think a fair amount may well be decided by the individual defenses.

The first few posessions of the game did not result in scoring by either side so I may be correct in that, however it is early in the game so that could change.

Don’t forget that if the offensive is able to protect Michael Vick enough he can be explosive and his accuracy is enough to keep the Giants defense on their toes.

This is a great matchup since Eli Manning, the quarterback for the Giants has a pretty good arm on him as well.

I think a lot of the game will hinge on how well each of them can read and anticipate their opponents defensive lines.

Green Bay Packers win over New Orleans Saints week 4

For many Green Bay fans I think there was a point late ion the fourth quarter when they wondered if they could win.

Luckily the defense did manage to force a turnover and Green Bay was able to hold their one point lead and the Packers won the game 28 to 27.

I think there will likely be a bit more controversy ove the officials since there were a few calls that were clearly disputed by the Gren Bay bench as well as the fans. It may also blow over fairly quickly though since it did not cost them the game.

Kudos to the Saints though since I think they can finally say they are involved in the regular season. They need to continue to play like they did in today’s game.

Packers of Green Bay play New Orleans Saints week 4

The Saints are clearly back in the game now.

There have been a few questionable calls, the most controversial will be the pass that was ruled a complete pass by the saints that appeared during replays to be incomplete since he did not appear to have control of the ball as he hit the ground.

Now suddenly late in the third quarter suddenly New Orleans has the lead 24 to 21 over the Packers.

In addition the Saints have just intercepted a pass and have the ball again with a shot at increasing their lead.

New Orleans vs Green Bay halftime week 4

Although they are down 21 to 14, New Orleans have held their own fairly well throughout this game. Many other teams would lose their momemtum and have trouble or become stressed and make too many mistakes.

Rodgers and the rest of Green Bay are doing well but I think for the second half you have to think that the defense needs to improve a bit in this game.

They have to force more turnovers and watch the run in the middle more. New Orleans has been able gain yards and convert a few first downs when it really needed to.

The New Orleans defense needs to penetrate and keep Rodgers on the move more effectively if they expect to have a btter chance at shutting him down.

Coming in to this game at 0 and 3 in my opinion I think they are performing much better then most expected.