Will Chicago Bears conquer the Houston Texans in week 10

Will Chicago Bears prove Sportsbooks right and win over Houston Texans?

As we enter week 10 we are starting to get a glimpse of the possible scenarios in the playoffs, and both the Houston Texans and the Chicago Bears have shown themselves to be teams that will have to be dealt one way or another within their conference.

The Texans have a 7 and 1 record, and they are 7-0 in their conference. But the Bears are also 7-1. They are 4-1 in their conference but they have also had a bit tougher schedule so far this year.

Defensively I believe the Bears will keep just enough pressure on the Texans quarterback Matt Schaub that they will stick with their running game which they mostly do anyway. Shaub will have his hands full dealing with defensive ends Corey Wootton, Julius Peppers and Israel Idonije.

We just may see another big game played by cornerback Charles Tillman. Last week against the Titans he had 4 forced fumbles. Whether he is able to force a fumble or not, he will be there to make the tackles.

The Bears like to play really physical get in your face kind of football. From the very beginning of the game and all night Schaub and the Houston running backs will know that for them to get down field, they will have to go through them, and they are going to make that job as difficult for them as they can.

Running plays on the ground likely to dominate the football game

Both teams like to run the ball so I think we will see that the running game dominates most of the football game and they both have really strong defensive lines. However I honestly believe that the Texans may be in for a surprise from the running game of the Bears too.

They may find it difficult to stop running backs Matt Forte or Armando Allen, and don’t forget about big play maker Michael Bush as well. Any one of them could easily break a tackle or find a hole to get that first down or make the big play with a huge gain.

Are we in for a really good, physical game on Sunday night? Yes. Are the Bears going to come away with another win this week against the Texans? Yes again.

Wednesday night the lines on this game had Chicago as 1 point favorites. I think that might be a little conservative, but I am certainly picking the Bears as my favorite in the late game on Sunday.

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