Why Denver Broncos are favorites over New Orleans Saints

Denver Broncos are Favorite Picks to win the New Orleans Saints Football Game

The football game we chose for this week’s Offsides challenge is the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos on Sunday October 28th, 2012. This is the game that kicks off at 8:20 pm.

I think we are in for a really great game actually. I think we will see a lot of passing on both sides and I wonder if we won’t see more yards passing in this game then we saw in the game on the 21st when there were over 700 yards in the air between the Saints and the Buccaneers.

I make no secret of the fact that I really enjoy watching a good quarterback work. And with the Denver Broncos we have a great quarterback. Peyton Manning is easily rated among the list of the best quarterbacks in the league. He works very well under pressure and doesn’t panic if he has to throw on the move.

He reads defenses very well and his offensive line has been doing a great job of protecting him and has been slowing down the blitz when their opponents have been trying.

I think Manning will have another really good game and if you look at the last few games has been hitting his receivers and I think he will be less hurried in Sunday’s game then he has so far this year.

And when Manning has wide receivers like Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas or Brandon Stokley you know the big plays in the air can be made at any time.

Denver defense will make this game interesting

I think where we will see the game get very interesting is when the New England defense is on the field. New England has a number of potential big play makers such as the likes of outside linebacker Von Miller and the defensive ends Elvis Dumervil and Derek Wolfe.

I think they and the rest of their teammates on the defense will apply a lot of pressure to Drew Brees the Saints quarterback. They will have their work cut out for them since Brees is a veteran back in his 12th year and he has been averaging over 7 yards per completed pass.

If you look at some of the Saints past games you will see that if the defense was able to penetrate the line and keep Brees on the move, as well as tight coverage on their receivers they managed to hold them to shorter yards when needed and stop more of their 3rd down conversions. And I think the defense of the Broncos are more than capable and will do just that.

I think the Broncos defense will hit the Saints hard and fast from the beginning of the game and could easily completely take away any early game momentum that Brees will want to try to capitalize on.

Even if they get an early edge on Brees, they can’t let up since he is a veteran with an excellent reputation for not giving up easily. They will have to keep up that pressure at all times and try to keep him guessing and on the run.

And to be honest even if the books weren’t picking the Broncos as a favorite, I would probably be picking them this week anyway.

And don’t forget to read Frank Benjamin’s article over at OddsOnBetting Why the New Orleans Saints Will Cover the Spread as Underdogs (we apologize the NewsBetting site is no longer active)

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    Why the New Orleans Saints Will Cover the Spread as Underdogs : News Betting:

    Don’t forget to read Rick’s argument here. (we apologize the newsbetting site is no longer active)