Offsides Week 7 Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texans

Don’t count the Ravens out just yet, they Can win against the Texans

What is all this “Are the Ravens done with the loss of Ray Lewis?” or “Is the season over for Baltimore?” Hell NO!

Many Ravens fans and certainly their organization are not happy that he was injured and tore his right triceps in the game against Dallas last Sunday. I read that they had scheduled him for surgery and had actually changed his status to injured reserve so he could actually be back before the end of the season and no matter the outcome of this game, we wish him a speedy recovery.

And yes, the game may be a bit more difficult for them without having Lewis there on the field leading the defense, but do not discount this defense so easily. Don’t forget about Bernard Pollard at strong safety and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe.

And since we mentioned linebackers, Terrell Suggs is suiting up and may see some limited play after being out with an ankle injury. Ramon Harewood is also expected back at tackle.

And if you check out what Frank said at OddsOnBetting, he claims that defense is a very important part of this game and on that I will agree, but what I don’t agree with is his choice of who has the superior defense. I think that the Texans will be unpleasantly surprised by the defense that the Ravens will throw at them Sunday afternoon.

I think we will see from nearly the beginning of the game the pressure they will apply on Houston’s quarterback Matt Schaub will be enough for make him work more on the move, and he really throws better when the pocket does not collapse and has made many more mistakes on the move.

It’s the offense that scores the points in a football game

And when you talk offense, by the numbers, Baltimore’s offense is rated at 7th to the 14th ranked offense of Houston.

Yes they have not yet faced the Texans defense yet this year, but they haven’t exactly been playing flag football so far this year either.

I think the quarterback Joe Flacco has improved his numbers on the move, and I think we will see Ray Rice have one of his best games this season so far against the Texans.

As of tonight while writing this article I see that many of the sportsbooks have the Texans as 6 to 7 point favorites, but I will disagree with that. I honestly think that like a number of other upsets we have seen the past few weeks, I believe that the Texans are about to get upset by the Ravens.

I just checked and one of our recommended sportsbooks, Bet Online has the Texans as a 7 point favorite. You can take them for that if you want, but I still think Baltimore will win this one.

I also encourage you to see the article by Frank Benjamin at OddsOnBetting Why Houston Will Cover the Spread Against the Baltimore Ravens.

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