Picks and predicitions for football games in regular season week 17

Football Betting World’s Picks and football game final scores results for Week 17, the Final Week in the Regular Season 2012

To close the regular season we have made a number of picks to help bettors look at the facts, odds and provide a little insignt into the games to help bettors make a decision on which teams to bet and whether we think they will cover the spread.

To say this was an exciting year in football would certainly be an understatement. The League has certainly created a good schedule and having a lot of division and conference matchups late in the season made things very interesting and placed some teams in some must win situations in some of their final games.

Although there are no longer AFC teams in the hunt for the final game, there are a number of games this week that have both AFC and NFC teams in must win scenarios in order for them to hold on to their current playoff spots, or have a shot at a playoff berth if one of their division or conference rivals lose. A few of them are also fighting to hold on to the first round bye.

If you happen to visit this page before the games are over on Sunday, obviously the final scores will not be provided. We have provided a link to each pick article so you can read our thoughts on the games. We have also listed the odds on that specific game at the time the article was written.

If we see the line moving much on a game, and it is convenient we will also make note so you can see if the line has moved by much. It never hurts to check what the line is currently before placing a bet on football or any sport.

If you happen to arrive at this page before the games take place, we obviously will not have the final score listed, but feel free to add the page to your bookmarks and return later as we will update the scores after the games.

Game Picks Results

Results from our advanced game picks. We decided to provide single place to link up our advance game picks and also provided the results of the games and those picks.

This gives our visitors access to the picks, results and final scores making them easier to find.

Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins

As part of our weekly series of articles we have titled “Offsides”, we have chosen the game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.

The books have the Redskins as the favorites in this game with a point spread of 3 points as of Monday night. Washington has played a great 2nd half of the season after a 3 an 6 start and I see them having a great finish. I think they will cover the spread comfortably and in fact went on record they could cover at 6 points.

Washington won this game with a final score of 28 to 18 so they certainly covered. Redskin rookie running back Alfred Morris ran for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. RG3 also ran for 63 yards and 1 touchdown. The Redskins now will host the Seahawks in the first round at home January 6th.

Green Bay Packers against the Minnesota Vikings

On Monday night the oddsmakers had the Packers winning this game by 3 points. I picked them as having no problem on making that spread and extended it to allowing 5 points.

Minnesota won this game 37 to 34. Viking running back Adrian Peterson ran for 199 yards and was just 9 yards shy of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season record of 208 yards. I really thought the Packers could win and now they must face them again on January 5th in the first round.

Baltimore Ravens against the Cincinnati Bengals

The bookies have this game with the Bengals winning by 3 points. I picked Cincinnati as clear winners and stated that they possibly could win by up to 6 points, however as a conservative bet I will stick with the Bengals covering the 3 points. I noticed on Thursday evening that Bet Online has moved this line skightly, and they now have the Benglas winning by 1 point. I will stay with the 3 points, I wonder if that adjustment was based on all the action on this game or if it was based more on the hype behind the Ravens.

The Cincinnati Bengals won this game with a score of 23 to 17. Make note that even though the books said 3 points I stated 6 and was correct on the points.

Houston Texans against the Indianapolis Colts

As I first started researching this weeks game between the Texans and Colts I have noticed the line has moved slightly on this game. Yesterday a few books had the line at 4.5 and the next day at 6.5 points. By early evening on Tuesday, Christmas day, most of the sports bookies have the odds listed with the Texans favored to win this game by 7 points against the Colts.

I do expect this game to be a close one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Colts actually lead the game at some point depending on who wins the toss and a few other factors. I do expect the Texans to be victorious and to cover the 7 points.

I think someone forgot to tell the Houston team to show up because they just could not put it together. The Colts certainly wanted the win and did a great job winning with a score of 28 to 16. I thought that Houston would keep their momentum going but they were unable to. Houston meets the Bengals on the 5th of January.

Kansas City Chiefs against the Denver Broncos

Currently holding the 2nd seed playoff spot, AFC West Division Champions host their final game with the Kansas City Chiefs. Picked as clear favorites, the sportsbooks have set the spread on this game with the Broncos winning by 16 points. I picked them to cover this spread but that I might not bet them to cover more than 17 points.

Denver won this game with a final score of 38 to 3 so they more than covered the 16 point spread. Denver won the first round bye and will meet the lowest winning seed from next week’s wild card round on January 12th in the Divisional playoffs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Atlanta Falcons

Thursday evening I see the line on this game is even at the sportsbooks that I watch closely and checking some of the 2nd tier bookies I haven’t run accross anyone that has given a spread on this game at all.

This could end up being an interesting game. I am going against the bookies on this and picking Atlanta to win by 2 points.

I picked this game wrong by going with the Falcons. Tampa won this game 22 to 17. The Buccaneers scored 2 rushing touchdowns and 1 in the air. The Falcons had the #1 seed spot reguardless of the outcome of the game and meed the lowest winning seed in the NFC Divisional Playoff round on January 13th.

Arizona Cardinals against the San Francisco 49ers

On Thursday night the odds on this game at the bookies was San Francisco winning the game by 16.5 points. I think that the 49ers have a clear advantage to win and picked San Francisco to cover the spread.

San Francisco won this game with a score of 27 to 13. The 49ers will meet the highest winning seed from the wild card round on January 12th.

Miami Dolphins against the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are favorites in the game by 10 points over the Dolphins by most books. I picked the Patriots to win by 14 points.

The Patriots won this game by shutting out the Dolphins with a score of 28 to 0. They will now meet the highest winning seed from the wild card round on January 13th.

St Louis Rams against the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are the clear favorites in this game. Saturday afternoon Bet Online had them winning by 11 points. I think Seattle has a clear win and covers the points fine.

Seattle did win this game with a score of 20 to 13 but did not cover the spread and I did think they would. Seattle meets the Redskins on January 5th for one of the wild card games.

Chicago Bears against the Detroit Lions

To have any shot at the playoffs, the Bears must win this game. The bookies have picked them to win by 3 points. I think they are prepared to win and will cover. In fact I am picking them to win by 5 points.

The Chicago Bears did win this game by 26 to 24 over the Detroit Lions, but they did not cover the 3 point spread which I incorrectly extended to 5 points. But the Bears will not be in the playoffs since they also needed the Vikings to lose, which did not happen either.


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