Will Denver Broncos make the spread against Kansas City Chiefs in week 17?

Will the Denver Broncos win the game against the Kansas City Chiefs in week 17?

In an AFC West matchup, the Kansas City Chiefs with 2 wins and 13 losses meet the Division Champions Denver Broncos with a 12 an 3 record. They met earlier in the season during week 12, the Broncos won that game with a score of 17 to 9.

Denver comes in to this game on a 10 game winning streak so to state they are on a roll or that they have any momentum would be a silly understatement. Although some analysts might disagree with me, I personally think that they are not only one of the best teams in the AFC but I think they are possibly the best team in the entire league this year.

The reason I feel that way is centered on the sheer talent, intelligence and leadership of their quarterback Peyton Manning. He is one of the best backs in the league and has been completing 68% of his passes and has thrown for 4355 yards and 34 touchdowns.

In addition to his passing ability, he reads a defensive line as well or better than any other quarterback in the NFL. He is known for calling an audible and changing plays at the line of scrimmage because something he sees or senses makes him realize that he needs to make a play adjustment.

Denver is one of the best in the league with 1st down conversions as well as yards gained. Although the Broncos offensive success based heavily on their passing game, they have been increasing their use of running plays, however when they are able to move the ball down field as well as they are in the air they are sure to concentrate on that the most.

What is the point spread in this football game?

Late on Tuesday night upon checking the sportsbooks I see the oddsmakers have quite a large point spread on this game. The line is floating from 16 to 17 points on this Broncos game. I must say I do have a lot of faith that Denver will win.

This might actually be one of those games that end up in a big blowout, but I would certainly be very apprehensive placing a bet on this game if the line would be higher. It’s not that I think that Denver couldn’t make the points, but when you choose a game to bet on, you have to make smart betting choices.

To make this bet at 16 points you are betting they will win by more than 2 touchdowns. Yes I do think that the Denver Broncos will cover this spread, but I would have to rethink my position on this game if the line moves past that 17 point mark.

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The more research you can do before placing a bet the more intelligent betting decisions you can make. If you would like to have another view of this game, take a look at an article written by our friends over at Minimum Deposit Betting. Kansas City Chiefs against Denver Broncos week 17 2012


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