Will Green Bay Packers cover the spread against Minnesota Vikings in week 17?

Will the Green Bay Packers win the game against the Minnesota Vikings in week 17?

The Minnesota Vikings should be commended for getting to the spot they did. Although they have been in the hunt for a playoff spot for a while, a month ago they weren’t looking like they had a shot at making it to the post season. Coming in to the game this week they are currently in the number 6 seed spot in the NFC wildcard and a win against the Packers would clinch the spot.

They could actually keep the spot with a loss, but only if the Bears, Cowboys and Giants also lose this week. The Vikings have won their last 3 games and in fact their last loss, 4 weeks ago was to Green Bay. The Packers won that game 23 to 14.

Minnesota has been turning some impressive games the past few weeks and the win last week against the Houston Texans, who currently are the number 1 seed spot in the AFC with the best record in the league, was a great show of their talent.

Although it was an impressive game and they managed to stop the Texans from scoring a touchdown the entire game I do not see them being able to pull that off against NFC rivals Green Bay Packers.

I admit that Viking’s running back Adrian Peterson is one of the best if not the best in the NFL, but I also think the Packers defense will be ready for him. In last week’s game against Houston, the Texans defense was somewhat effective against Peterson and the Vikings ground game, although Minnesota won that game.

If Minnesota is on a roll, will the stop the Packers from covering the spread?

I think facing Green Bay will be a different story for the Vikings. Green Bay has won 5 of their last 6 games (one of those wins again the Vikings). Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is having a great year and he is completing 67% of his passes and is averaging over 7 yards per pass.

But one thing is even more important than the great passing numbers that Rodgers has been turning in this year. That is that he is winning games. With San Francisco’s loss last week the Packers have moved into the number 2 seed spot so a win this week would earn them a first round bye and clinch at least one home game in the Divisional Round.

The Minnesota Vikings will come in to this game with a lot of heart and will play a tough game, but in the end I think the Packers will defeat them. The bookies have the line on this game at 3 points as of late Monday night. I think they will cover that and in fact I would bet on the Packers winning and would give 5 points.

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