San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints 1st Half week 12

1st half of the New Orleans Saints against the San Francisco 49ers in week 12

New Oleans has the first possession in the game and goes 3 and out and has to punt the football. San Francisco also does nothing on their first drive and must punt. So there has been a trade of possessions with each team going 3 and out.

New Orleans once again goes 3 and out and they punt for the second time. San Francisco will get the ball back on the 38 after the return for their second drive.

On this drive the 49ers are extremely quick to get a few first downs and get into the end zone for the 6 points. This gives San Francisco the early lead at 7 to 0 New Orleans.

With great protection and a great diving catch by Joseph Morgan and the Saints get the first down at the San Francisco 30. 2 plays later they get another first down just inside the red zone. The Saints get their 6 points and tie the game with the extra point at 7 each.

In a nice 2nd and long play, quarterback Colin Kaepernick gets away from a defender and avoids the sack and completes a pass to pick up the first down just as the 1st quarter comes to an end. As the 2nd quarter starts San Francoisco has the ball on the 45 yard line with the score tied at 7.

New Orleans gave provided good coverage on this drive and forces San Francisco to punt. New Orleans will get the ball back. On a 3rd and 3 a neutral zone infraction against the Saints gives San Francisco a 1st down by penalty at their own 32.

A pass, and 1st down, to Jimmy Graham at just before mid field and then a run up the center by Chris Ivory and they are in San Francisco territory. On a 3rd down play that falls apart an intentional grounding penalty causes New Orleans to punt.

Then on the punt return, San Francisco loses the ball and New Orleans recovers so they get it back and have the ball on the 10. New Orleans gets the touchdown with a pass to Marques Colston and they take a 7 point lead. The score is New Orleans 14 to San Francisco 7.

A holding call against San Francisco on what would have been a nice gain with a first down seems to affect them and they are unable to make up the 20 yards and do not convert on 3rd down and must punt. This gives New Orleans another opportunity to extend their lead before the end of the first half.

As the time hits the two minute warning New Orleans has not converted on their first down so they will punt giving San francisco 2 minutes to get down field and tie the score before the half.

A bad snap and then an interception by Patrick Robinson and New Orleans will get the ball back on the 44 with around 40 seconds left on the clock. Then on the second play Drew Brees throws an interception picked off by Ahmad Brooks which he takes in for a touchdown. This makes it a tied game with a half time score of 14 to 14.

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