Best entertainment of the Georgia vs Tennessee game so far

Mayhem commercial more entertaining then Georgia vs Tennessee game

I must admit to being a big fan of the Mayhem commercials that Alstate has put out. They are funny and do a pretty good job of getting a point accross.

They cover things like paying attention while driving, why texting while driving is bad, and how personal things and stresses can affect one’s focus while driving and how that can be dangerous.

Well today I saw for the first time the commercial where Mayhem (played by Dean Winters), where he is a school team flag that comes off the vehicle and lands on another vehicle’s windsheild and causes an accident.

I commend Allstate for having some downright entertaining and thought provoking ads.  Don’t text and drive, pay attention while being behind the wheel, and by all means, watch out for Mayehm.

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