Second Half Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars week 13

Buffalo Bills against Jacksonville Jaguars 2nd half recap in week 13

Buffalo is first to receive and if they can continue with the momentum from the first half Jacksonville could easily find themselves in a position that would be very difficult to climb out of.

A first down once again by C.J. Spiller. Fred Jackson then makes a nice run right up the center and gets another first down and the ball is on the 34. They give it to Brad Smith and he runs 17 yards for another first down.

A roughing the passer call on the Jaguars really cost them and the Bills get the first down and the ball is on the 8 with a 1st and goal. A pass to Steve Johnson in the end zone and the Bills extend their lead to 14 points with a score of 24 Buffalo to 10 Jacksonville.

The Jaguars need to start converting their possessions into points immediately and con not longer allow unanswered points on their drives. On a 3rd and short not quite into Bills territory gives Jacksonville their first down just past mid field.

Then another penalty against the Bills and the Jaguars get another 1st. But on a 4th and 5 they do not convert so Buffalo gets the ball back on downs with good field position. Even after moving down field they are unable to convert a 3rd down and take a 50 yard field goal and push their lead further.

Jacksonville can not do anything with the next possession and punts again. As the 3rd quarter ends the score stands at Buffalo 27 to Jacksonville 10, and Buffalo has the ball with a clear lead.

C.J. Spiller breaks a tackle and runs over 40 yards into the end zone putting another 6 up which pretty much seals the game for the Bills. With the extra point the Bills move to 34 to Jaguars 10.

Jacksonville once again needs to punt but a blown catch, considered a fumble and the Jaguars get the ball deep and they get in for the 6 points. They go for the 2 point conversion and it takes the score to Jacksonville 18 to Buffalo 34.

Jacksonville is playing a little better late in the third quarter but it appears to be too little too late for them. They get the ball back with fair field position but with about 8 minutes left in the game they are down by 16 points.

In order to get this game back they would need to make up 3 scores and I just don’t see Henne is the kind of quarterback to pull that off. Clearly it will not happen for the Jaguars and Buffalo gets the ball back.

Since it is getting close to 4 o’clock this is actually one time that I am hoping if this game goes over on time that the Network would change the game channel on me. I am just trying to decide whether to watch the the Steelers-Ravens game ot Denver beat up on Tampa.

Jacksonville gets the ball back again and may well end the game with possession. At the 2 minute warning it’s Jacksonville ball with a first down, but they are down by 16.

The drive falls apart for them and they do not convert on 4th down so Buffalo will get the ball back on downs on their own 27. All they need do now is run a few plays on the ground and get a first down. They do not get the first down so they will punt the football and give Jacksonville one last possession before the end of the game but will have less than a minute left on the clock.

On first down the Bills come up with an interception by Jairus Byrd. They only need take a knee and win the game. The final score Buffalo Bills 34 to Jacksonville Jaguars 18.

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