Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills 1st Half week 13

1st half recap of Jacksonville Jaguars against Buffalo Bills in week 13

Two teams, both in last place in their divisions both have quite a bit of reason to want to win, but things are looking grim for them both. The number show the Bills still have a small shot this year but looking over what would have to take place in today’s football games, I just do not see it happening.

I am not exactly sure who picked this game for the network, and since I live in Florida I do like to follow the Florida but honestly I would have preferred to watch one of the other games like the Texans or the Bears.

Jacksonville gets the ball first and starts from the 22. Good coverage on 2nd down and the play is broken up and then on a 3rd and 5 the pass is incomplete so the Jaguars punt the ball after a 3 and out.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has a play falling apart and instead runs it himself and gets the first down. On a second and short they get the 1st down again so the Bills first possession is starting to look like they are putting together a scoring drive to start the game.

Then a great pass to T.J. Graham and the Bills have the ball on the 1. Then quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick pushes his way in and gets the score. The Buffalo Bills take the early lead and the score is 7 Buffalo to 0 Jacksonville.

The next Jaguar drive is already looking better and they get a 1st down on a second and 2. Once again though the Bills defense stops the Jacksonville drive and they must punt again.

On the next drive the Bills can not convert on a 3rd down and they punt the ball for the first time and the Jaguars will start with decent field position with the ball on the 30.

On a 1st and 20 after a holding call on 1st down the Jaguars get a nice pass to Marcedes Lewis and they get a first down. A holding call on the Bills negates a fumble and Bills recovery, and then a blown play and Jacksonville finds themselves in a 3rd and 17. The next pass to Cecil Shorts gets the first down and keeps the drive alive.

They can not convert on the 3rd down and need to punt again. Buffalo will get the ball back deep in their own territory at the 11.

As the first quarter comes to an end and they change direction, the score stands at Jacksonville 0 to Buffalo 7. The Bills have possession of the ball and it is 2nd and 9 with the football on the 12 yard line.

C Spiller gets the first down but on the next play the Jaguars gets a pick with Paul Posluszny getting the interception so it will be Jacksonville ball.

Jacksonville gets the first down with the ball on the 3 but a penalty backs them up to the 18. The Bill defense breaks up each of the next 3 plays and they must take the field goal. Josh Scobee makes the 36 yard kick and the score is Jacksonville 3 to Buffalo 7.

Buffalo pushing and shoving their way there, but they have a nice drive going again doing so mostly on the ground on this drive alternating between Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller. Unable to convert on a 4th and 5 they go for it and they do not get it so Jacksonville will get the ball back on the 37.

They try a pass play on 1st down and get the pass interference call and get the first down. They move the ball to the 41 and then they get another first down with a pass and they are on the 15. Jacksonville gets a first down inside the 5.

Chad Henne runs it in for a touchdown with the Jaguars taking the lead. The score is Jacksonville 10 to Buffalo 7.

A great punt return by Marcus Easley and Buffalo is in Jacksonville territory. At the two minute warning for the first half Buffalo has possession of the football on the 11 yard line with a 3rd and 6. They throw it to Scott Chandler in the end zone and the Bills have the lead back with a score of Buffalo 14 to 10 Jacksonville.

Jacksonville has just under 2 minutes left in the half so they could really get the lead back before half time.

The ball is stripped out of the hands of Chad Henne before he is able to pass it and then recovered by Buffalo gets the ball at the 14 yard line with a little more than a minute and a half. They are unable to convert the 3rd down and take the field goal.

With 30 seconds left in the first half the score is 17 Buffalo to 10 Jacksonville. With not much there for a return, the Jaguars take a knee and go to the locker room for half time.

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