Rookie quarterbacks doing great preseason 2012

There have been a number of reports and articles talking about rookie quarterbacks and their performance during the first few weeks of the pre-season in 2012.

Many commentators, sports journalists and blog writers have speculated and given their opinions as to why they seem to be doing so much better than those of previous years.

Although they do not all agree, the general consensus surrounding the reasons for this is based more on what has been taking place in college ball. There has been a bit of a change on the college football fields around the country, and if you compare how the teams of the past few years to 10 years ago you can see that the passing game of many schools has improved considerably.

This has led to more quarterbacks having much more experience with passing by the time they get to training camps and also giving them more confidence. That has translated to rookie quarterbacks being much more effective and accurate, and has made many of them more aware and better able to perform in or out of the pocket.

Only time will tell if those teams that are willing to play, (or even start) their rookies more this year will pay off for them in more yards added to the stats and more touchdowns scored.

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