Rick’s Picks after week 4 2012

Football Betting World makes their picks for some of next week’s games

Well the first quarter of the season is now past so let’s take a quick look at who is on top and who we want to watch close. We only have 3 teams that are undefeated at 4 – 0, Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans.

First, the Atlanta Falcons. Man these guys have been playing good and my main pick for the team to watch closely. And even though Matt Ryan, the quarterback, is second in the league for passing completion percentages, he is getting those completions when it counts.

I look for Ryan to keep passing well and moving the ball like he has been the past few weeks. He is getting decent protection in the pocket and I don’t see that changing drastically any time soon, at least for the next few games.

I am picking them to win over Washington by 7 and also the following week over Oakland by 3. This does not mean they should become complacent since we have seen that happen to teams too many times over the years, but I still think both of the above games are Atlanta’s.

They will then have a bye giving them 2 weeks to prepare to go up against Philadelphia, and although I think they have the juice to take them, I think they will need to prepare well.

Now, for the Arizona Cardinals. Another team to keep an eye on, and one that may surprise those who have not paid attention. This week they meet the Rams in St Louis and although the Rams are 2 – 0 at home I think after tomorrow night they will no longer be able to say they are undefeated at home.

I will even go out on a limb here and give my prediction for tomorrow night’s game. This is partly due to a few friends of mine that run other portals challenging me to get my picks out earlier, kinda like a sports betting portal website rivalry. I am picking Arizona over St Louis by 5.

I am even going to be so brazen as to pick another game over a week out and say I think that they can also be victorious over Buffalo by 3. That game is Sunday afternoon at home for them.

Currently I am refraining from making a prediction on their game with Minnesota who is currently at 3-1. Minnesota has been playing pretty well, and for me that is just too far out at this point in the season since I feel many of us may feel different about how we feel about a few teams after this week and next.

And finally let’s take a look at third and final team currently undefeated, the Houston Texans. They have the NY Jets this week at NY on Monday night and next week the Green Bay Packers back at home in Texas.

I think they will win over the Jets and depending on how well the Houston defense does whether it will damage the confidence of Mark Sanchez for the Jets. I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen since I would like to see him settle down his reception percentages since a game when both quarterbacks are hitting their receivers well it just makes for a much more exciting football game. I am picking Houston over the Jets by 6.

Then on Oct 14th they have Green Bay to contend with. I think this is where Houston will get their first loss on the board. I am picking Green Bay over the Texans by 4.

They could change that, but to do so they are really gonna have to have good penetration and put a lot of pressure on Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay’s quarterback. And even then I think they have an uphill battle since time and time again we have seen Rodgers read the blitz well and even when he is forced out of the pocket his reception percentages are reasonable enough to win a lot of games.

So there you have it, early in the season and I have climbed well out on the limb to give you picks on a few games this week as well as next. Picking this far out is risky to say the least, since none of us can really tell the future and things like injuries on any team as well as outside forces can change things, but darnit, I was challenged so I wanted to prove I was up to the challenge.

I strongly encourage you to not necessarily take my picks above, or anywhere else on this site as what will happen, although it might. If you are planning to bet on any of the games, be sure to study the stats as well as take a good look at the lines being offered, possibly at a good online sportsbook like William Hill, Bet Online or others.

And don’t forget that Google can be your friend, and watch some of the plays or highlights from previous games, as well as read numerous other sites and tip sheets, but use the tools available to you to make your own decision based on your research. And bet safe, and enjoy the games.

In case anyone is interested. The guy that challenged me to get my picks out sooner was Paul, a friend over at Gambling Shares. His site is fairly new but growing well and each time I have visited there are new articles to read. Check it out here. (We apologize as the site is no longer active)

The results from the first weeks picks are here.

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