My Picks were 66% right on

Football Picks from October 3rd for week 6 were 66% right on

For those that have read my post early in the week where a few guys from other sites challenged me to get some picks out. Well I stood up to the challenge and made 3 picks for this weeks games and got them up on the 3rd of October here.

Now I did not necessarily post those picks to encourage visitors to use my picks, I just posted some obversations and made the picks, besides I had to stand up to the challenge. I am sure you completely understand.

To recap from the original post here are the picks.

My picks that I had made on Oct 3rd are below:
Arizona Cardinals over St Louis Rams by 5
Atlanta Falcons over Washington Redskins by 7
Houston Texans over NY Jets by 6

The scores:
St Louis Rams 17 Arizona Cardinals 3
Atlanta Falcons 24 to Washington Redskins 17
Houston Texans 23 to NY Jets 17

The Rams Cardinals game was an upset and defeated a 4-0 team and took away their undefeated status moving the Cardinals to 4-1.

On the other two games I picked them right on the money, so I think I stood up to the challenge pretty well.

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