The Cowboys or the Jets

I just hit the site and today’s poll question is “Which team is more likely to bounce back and make the playoffs?”

Hmmmm… in a perfect world I would just answer Dallas hands down. After all they are “America’s Team”. But we all know it’s not a perfect world.

I think that Tony Romo, quarterback of Dallas has a lot of potential to be a great quarterback, I just don’t know if he can settle down enough and hit his receivers consistiently enough under pressure as witnessed by this past weeks game.

And despite fans overwhelmingly, as well as a few analysts calling for NY to put Tebow in as quarterback, coach Ryan made it pretty clear that it wouldn’t be Tebow and that he felt Sanchez was the best option to win games. I think this is a mistake. I think they should play him more to give him some work with the line and the receivers.

They do not necessarily have to start him, but I think he needs more work with the team, and if they have to call on him due to an injury, or if they want to change things up for the opponents defense I personally think they should play him a little more.

If they did give him more play and he could get things going good and the receivers got more comfortable with him, the Jets would have two good quarterbacks to call on at any time throughout games. And honestly each one could have some plays which they converted better than others and keep opposing defenses having to constantly change things up.

I think if this question were asked a few weeks from now I would feel better about my answer. But despite the above I think I am gonna go with the Cowboys.

They have a pretty tough schedule ahead of them the next few weeks, after the bye this week coming up, and if Romo can stay healthy and not let the past get to him too much they should improve as the season continues.

But we shouldn’t forget that Baltimore will be watching the films for last weeks games for insight on how to effective shut Romo down and cause turnovers.

In my opinion I just think that Dallas is in a better position to bounce back at this point in the season than the Jets. I just do not think this is Romo’s year, although he will likely be a much better quarterback at the end of the season then he is today.

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