Game Recaps

A brief look at football games allowing the sports bettor a different perspective giving them some insight how they did during that week’s game.

Miami Dolphins vs Seattle Seahawks 2nd Half week 12

Tied at half time Miami Dolphins vs Seattle Seahaws in week 12

Miami is the first to possess the ball in the second half but they are unable to convert the first down so they will punt. Seattle will take over at the 20.

Under heavy pressure on a play that looks like it will turn into a sack and the Seahawks get the first down from a pass play. The next play turns into another 1st down and Seattle is having a good drive and has made it into Miami territory.

A very effective drive in fact and they are close to the red zone and the Seahawks are inside the Miami 25 and are well within scoring distance. With a play action pass play completely falling apart, quarterback Russell Wilson keeps the ball and runs for 20 yards and gets a first down inside the 5.

A pass to Michael Robinson and the Seahawks get the touchdown and the lead for the first time in the game. The score is now 14 Seattle to 7 Miami.

A nice run by Ryan Tannehill gives the Dolphins a first down at mid field. And what is likely the first time ever in an NFL football game, the sprinklers come on in the middle of a game wetting down the field. I wonder if the person in charge of turning off the automatic timer will still have a job at the end of the day.

Unable to get much further on the drive Miami punts the ball giving Seattle an opportunity to extend their lead late in the third quarter. They are unable to do so and need to punt again.

Miami manages to get deep within Seahawk territory and then a pass play in the end zone is picked off by Seattle. But a roughing the passer call on defense brings it back and Miami gets a completion on the next play and the Dolphins tie the score. The score is now 14 to 14.

On the punt return by running back Leo Washington, he breaks a tackle and it is smooth sailing and he returns it all the way for a touchdown and the Seahawks regain the lead making the score 21 Seattle to Miami 14.

A great run by Reggie Bush and Miami has a comfirtable first down. Then a few plays later a pass to Charles Clay and it is once again a tied score. Score now stands at 21 to 21 with just over 5 minutes left in the football game.

This next drive is key for both teams since they have each come up with 14 points during the second half. Seattle gets a first down in Miami territory. The ball is on the Miami 41 at the two minute warning and Seattle has possession and it is 2nd and about 11.

Unable to get another first down, Seattle is knocked back for a loss and taken out of field goal range. They attempt to change that on 3rd down but are unable to and will punt. Miami will get the ball back with a little over 1 minute left on the clock and 1 timeout reamining.

Running a no huddle hurry up offense, Miami gets a first down. Then they are charged with an illegal motion penalty for taking the snap and spiking the ball before the line was set. They get another first down on the next play and they are well within scoring distance and still have 1 time out left.

They get another first down on the and stop the clock with the ball inside the 40 and bring on the field goal team with 4 seconds left in the game. Miami makes the 43 yeard field goal and win the game. The final score Miami Dolphins 24 to Seattle Seahawks 21.

Seattle Seahawks vs Miami Dolphins 1st Half week 12

Seattle Seahawks meet the Miami Dolphins in week 12

Seattle is first to get the ball in today’s game. The Dolphin defense is able to stop the drive with a 3 and out so they will get the ball with good field position on the 34 for their first drive.

Miami does get a first down near mid field, but due to the Seahawks defense Miami is unable to effectively do much with it and the drive stalls and they are forced to punt. Another 3 and out for the Seahawks and Miami will get a second shot at the ball.

On the next drive Ryan Tannehill throws and interception so the Seahawks will take over with good field position near mid field. Even though Seattle gets a first down, Miami is able to stop the drive so the Seahawks punt for the third time.

On a 1st and 10 the Seahawks make a big play and sack Tannehill for a 7 yard loss and suddenly Miami finds themselves in a 3rd and 17. They get decent yards on the next play but it is short of the 1st down so Miami must punt again.

Seattle will start their next drive with the ball on the 45. Seattle does manage to get back to mid field but is still short of the first down and the Seahawks have their 4th 3 and out and kick the ball again.

And as the quarter ends once again Miami is unable to do much of anything with their drive and they must punt the ball. And just like the 1st quarter the Seahawks get no where with their first possession of the second quarter and Miami gets the ball back deep in their own territory.

Miami is putting together a much better drive this possession. The drive ends with a Dolphin touchdown from a 21 yard run by Reggie Bush and Miami is the first to put points on the board taking the score to 7 to 0.

As we get to the 2 minute warning in the first half the score is still at Miami 7 to Seattle 0 but the Seahawks have the ball and they too are showing their best drive of the game so far.

A great catch insdie the red zone gives them a first down and it’s a 1st and goal. They manage to get the touchdown and tie up the game. Since there is only 29 seconds left on the clock Miami will not get much of a shot at getting the lead back, unless they have a really great punt return. Miami decides not to test their luck and allows the clock to run out so we have a tied score at the half 7 each.

New England Patriots vs NY Jets 2nd Half week 12

NY Jets start the second half down by 32 points against the New England Patriots, can the Jets come back?

No surprise but the Jets can not do a l,ot with their first drive of the half and they punt. True to form the Patriots are moving down field well. A quarterback sneak gives them a first down justr after mid field.

On the next play during a run by Julian Edelman the Jets are able to force a fumble and recover the football. This could be a play that helps energize the NY bench a bit although they honestly need more than a little energizing, they need to run 5 solid scoring drives and force not less than 4 more turnovers.

Another play fumbled by NY but luckily for the Jets they recover and retain possession of the ball. Then a pass play into the end zone that is ruled incomplete looked to be a possible reception so the Jets challenge the play.

A penalty against the Patriots while backed up into their own end zone and it takes the score to 5 Jets to 35 Patriots. The Jets are successful on their drive for the 6 points and with the extra point it takes the score to 12 to 35.

Even though they are down by 23 points the Jets defense have had a number of series where they make some really good plays and cover up the receivers well and stop the run, they have not been able to string enough of those defensive plays together and the Patriots certainly has an offense that is having a superior game tonight against the Jets.

As the quarter ends the score is still 35 to 12 with the Patriots in the lead and control of the ball.

Tom Brady and company drive their way down field and get a first down on the 4. They get the touchdown and take the score to 42 to 12 and have a solid 30 point lead with 12 minutes left in the game.

Another series that goes nowhere for the Jets and then another series and touchdown by the Patriots. The score is now at 49 to 12 with New England with the lead. The Jets score and take the score to 19 New York to 49 New England.

The final score New England Patriots 49 to New York Jets 19.

NY Jets vs New England Patriots 1st Half week 12

Can the favorite New England Patriots win against the New York Jets Thanksgiving Day 2012?

The Patriots are the first with the ball and after a sack on 1st down they are unable to convert so they go 3 and out and punt the football. A quick out by the Jets and the Patriots get the ball back.

A much better drive by the Patriots on this possession and they have a first down and are inside NY territory quick. New England unable to convert on 3rd down in the red zone and tries a field goal which is not made so they turn the ball over without the points.

A nice run by Shonn Greene and the Jets get a first down at mid field.Another first down with a pass to Jeff Cumberland and the Jets are within field goal range and pushing forward. On a 2nd and 7 they are stopped short but a holding call on defense gives the Jets a first down inside the 30.

A nice drive shaping up for the Jets but a pass by quarterback Mark Sanchez is picked off by Steve Gregory and New England gets the interception and takes over at their own 16 yard line.

As the first quarter winds down the game is still without a score and the Patriots have the ball at the 3 yard line and it is 3rd and goal. Quarterback Tom Brady for the Patriots with lots of time hits Wes Welker and they get the touchdown and the first score of the game. New England 7 to NY Jets 0.

The Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and and he is moving NY comfortably down field similar to the last drive that ended in an interception. Since they did not get the first down the Jets go for it on fourth and 1, but are stopped at about the line of scrimmage, but then suddenly the football pops out and it is recovered by New England. The Patriots will take over on the turnover and start the drive from their own 17.

Then a pass play to Shane Vereen and he runs it into the end zone for the 6. The Patriots extend their lead to 14 to 0 against the Jets.

Before you know it on another drive the Jets once again appear to be doing ok but a fumble recovered by Julian Edelman is run back for a touchdown and the Patriots now have a 4 touchdown lead with the score at 28 to 0 against the Jets.

And for the 5th time tonight the Patriots get in to the end zone and the score is at 35 to 0 with 3 minutes left in the first half. And may I remind you that they have score all 35 points in the second quarter.

Finally able to score the Jets take the field goal with 7 seconds left in the first half so they go to the locker room at half time with a score of 3 Jets to 35 Patriots.

Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys 2nd Half week 12

Can the favorite Dallas Cowboys come back from a 25 point deficit in the 2nd half against the Washington Redskins Thanksgiving Day 2012?

The Cowboys have the first possession of the second half and must not have unsuccessful drives. Their first play which is a pass to Cole Beasley for a first down are the kinds of plays they must continue to have. A big pass play by Felix Jones and he turns it into a good gain and Dallas has the ball on the 10 yard line.

A penalty backs them up 5, then with an unsuccessful play and suddenly it’s 3rd and 15 which they do not convert so they must go for the field goal. They have no choice but to take the 3 points since they just can’t risk any drive not ending in points for them. The score moves to 6 Dallas to 28 Washington.

A big sack by Jason Hatcher on 1st down and Washington is backed up to the 5 yard line. On 3rd down Griffin makes a complete pass to Josh Morgan and gets the first down. Dallas risks losing the time out and challenges the play on the spot since it was right on the line. The ruling on the field was a 1st down and it is overturned since it was actually short of the 1st down and the Redskins must punt the ball.

Dallas gets the ball back on the 33 yard line down by 22 points in the third quarter. After what looks to be shaping up as a decent drive, the first time today that Romo is sacked comes on 3rd down so Dallas has to punt and Washington gets the ball back with a 22 point lead.

Dallas is able to shut down the Washington drive so they will get another opportunity with a little more than 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Another interception thrown by Romo, this time picked off by London Fletcher and the Redskins get the ball back on the 49.

Dallas shuts down this drive quickly and will have a chance at the football again. They take over on the 15 and on the first play a short pass to Dez Bryant and he breaks a tackle and takes it 85 yards in for a touchdown. This makes it a 15 point game with the score at 13 to 28 with Washington in the lead.

With just over a minute to go in the third quarter Dallas is tasked with shutting down the Redskin drive or forcing a turnover if they want to get back into this game.

Griffin, one of the best in the league at faking out the defensive line wondering where the ball is, keeps it and runs for 13 yards and the first down.

The first play of the 4th quarter is another first down and Washington is at mid field. On 3rd and inches Griffin makes a pass to Paul Niles and Washington gets another touchdown. This takes the score to 35 Washington to 13 Dallas.

A couple of good plays by Dallas and they find themselves inside the Redskin 30. They can not settle for a field goal on this drive and must come up with a touchdown. A short pass to Jones and his second effort gives him credit for a 10 yard touchdown.

Dallas decides to go for the two point conversion. With no one able to get open Romo dives for it and gets accross the line and makes the points. This makes the score Dallas 21 to Washington 35 a two touchdown game. The Cowboys have not won the game but they certainly are proving that they have no intention of walking away without a fight.

A really big play by Dallas and Charlie Peprah intercepts the ball and runs it back and gets inside the Redskin 20 for a really big turnover and the kind of thing they really needed in an attempt to turn the game back in their favor.

Another pass to Dez Bryant in the end zone is complete and Dallas is clearly back in this game. There is just over 8 minutes left and the Dallas Cowboys made this the most exciting Thanksgiving Day football that I can remember in the last few years. The score is now 28 Dallas to 35 Washington a single score game.

With just under 3 minutes left in the football game the Redskins take a 48 yard field goal and extends their lead to 10 points. The score moves to 38 Washington to 28 Dallas. Dalas has only 1 time out left.

A field goal with 18 seconds left and Dallas is down by 7 with a score of 31 Dallas to 38 Washington. They obviously will do an on side kick. The ball is picked up by DeAngelo Hall for the Redskins and he slides in to the 1 yard line so Washington will take a knee and win the game on the next down.

The final score of the game is 38 Washington Redskins 38 to Dallas Cowboys 31.

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins 1st Half week 12

First Half with the Washington Redskins against the Dallas Cowboys in week 12

A 3 and out for the Redskins and the Cowboys will take the field with good field position. Dallas, first to get a first down with a pass by Tony Romo. After a few quick throws by Romo the Cowboys are in the red zone and are in scoring position on their first drive. Dallas takes the field goal and the early lead with the score at 3 to 0.

The Redskins get the first down on this drive, and then another short pass gets another 1st getting Washington to mid field. The next play is a sack giving the Redskins a loss and then suddeenly they find themselves in a 3rd down and long which they do not convert and they must punt the ball again.

Dallas gets the ball back on their own 13 yard line with a 3 point lead. Looking like they might not get the first on a 3rd and eight they get the first down and keep the drive alive. Dallas punts the ball and instead of taking a knee or letting it go in the end zone, Washington tries to bring it out and Dallas is there to make the stop on the 7 yard line.

A good read by quarterback Robert Griffin III and he runs it out and gets the first down. This is somethat Griffin does extemely well and in fact something that I predicted he would do a number of times in this game here in my picks article from last night.

A deep pass to wide receiver Aldrick Robinson and the Redskins are first to get the 6 points on the board and take the lead for the first time in the game. The score is now at Washington 7 to Dallas 3.

Dallas having a good drive makes a first down at mid field but a play on the Redskin defense by corner back Josh Wilson and he forces a fumble and the Redskins get the ball back and take over in Dallas territory.

Washington is turning in a great drive on this possession. They are mixing it up real well between play action passes and rushing plays and have been effective on both counts. A pass interference call in the end zone places the ball on the 1 yard line and the next play they take it in for the points. This extends the Redskin lead with a score of 14 Washington to 3 Dallas.

Washington stops Dallas on their next drive so they get the ball back again. Washington seems to be keeping their momentum up and another pass by Griffin to Pierre Garcon that he runs in for a for a touchdown. There is a penalty on the play but it is against the defense so it will be assessed on the kick. Washington moves the lead to 18 points with a score of 21 Redskins to 3 for the Cowboys.

At the two minute warning Dallas has the ball but is facing an 18 point deficit. With only 1 timeout left Dallas must try and get in for 6 points and then Romo throws an interception picked off by DeAngelo Hall and the Redskins have 30 seconds with 3 time outs left in the half and are in Dallas territory.

Great time management and manuevering of the ball by Griffin and the Redskins get the ball to the 6 yard line with 10 seconds left in the half. They get the touchdown with a pass to Santana Moss and they take the lead to 28 Washington to 3 Dallas at the half.

Overtime in week 12 Detroit Lions against Houston Texans

Houston Texans in overtime 2nd time in a week this time against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day week 12

In overtime Detroit wins the coin toss and opts to recieve. Ironically this is Houstn’s second game that went to overtime in less than 7 days. The game they had last week with Jacksonville also went to OT.

A big play by Houston defense and they manage to force a fumble, the first one of the whole game, and the Texans recover the ball and will take over on their own 35. That could end up being the play that won the game.

The Texans get within field goal range with a first down but the Lions make a few good stops from behind the line of scrimmage and back them up slightly. Houston makes a 51 yard field goal attempt but the kick is not good so Detroit will get the ball back with decent field position with just over 9 minutes left in overtime.

Detroit gets the first down on the 45 yard line. Then on a 3rd and 10 the pass is incomplete but bounces into the air and the Texans recover the ball. This play is reviewed automatically and the play is ruled incomplete since it hit the ground.

Detroit must punt since they are not within field goal range. The ball is downed on the nine yard line so Houston takes over deep in their own territory.

Talk about irony, Chris Houston cornerback for the Lions, forces a turnover and comes up with the ball for Detroit giving them another shot at putting up the OT points. A nice pass to tight end Tony Scheffler and they get a first down at their own 28 yard line.

A 47 yard field goal attempt hits the post and is no good. Houston will get the ball back with just over 4 minutes left on the 37 yard line.

Houston gets the field goal and wins in overtime against the Detroit Lions. The final score of the football game Houston Texans 34 to Detroit Lions 31.

Detroit Lions vs Houston Texans 2nd Half week 12

Second Half in the Houston Texans against the Detroit Lions week 12 football game

Houston’s first possession of the second half is a 3 and out so the Lions defense is continuing to do their job well. The Lions do not get in for six on their next drive but they do get within kicking distance and take the field goal. They now have a 10 point lead and the score is 24 Detroit to 14 Houston.

Houston runs the ball in for an 81 yard touchdown in the most controversial play of the game. The run by running back Justin Forsett was actually down by contact but since there was not a whistle that stopped the play he got up and ran it in. The rules, since there was a flag, did not allow the play to be reviewed so the credit is given to the Texans for the 81 yards and the points. With the extra point the score is Houston 21 to Detroit 24.

The Lions do not do much with the following drive and they must pint the ball back to Houston. Detroit will have to be careful not to allow the setback of what they may feel was bad call in the 3rd quarter that led to the Texan touchdown to affect them adversely. They must get back on track and continue to play like they did in the first half.

Houston can not get deep into Lion territory and must take a field goal. With this score, they manage to tie the game again and the score is at 24 to 24 with just over 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Detroit seems to be getting their momentum back and they drive down field and get in for the 6 points again. This takes the score to 31 Detroit to 24 Houston. Detroit stops them with a 3 and out and Houston must kick again.

The Detroit Lions certainly have been impressive against the Texans. The defense has been doing a very good job and the offense has surprised me with how well they have found the holes in between the tackles up front and gotten the extra yards when they needed it. They have gone to the outside a few times as well, but have had a few big plays right down the center similar to the previouslast drive that got them the points.

No first down for the Texans again and they go 3 and out and must punt. Catching for Detroit is Stefan Logan and even though he calls a fair catch he is hit by a Hoston defender and draws the 15 yard penaty. The Lions will start their next drive with good filed position and the football is on the 50 yard line.

A sack on 3rd down and the Lions must punt the ball. They were close to field goal range but just not quite enough so they punt which ends up being a great kick and Houston gets the ball back on their own 3 yard line.

Detroit keeps them to short yardage for 2 plays but they do convert on 3rd and 8 and get the first down. Then 2 more first downs in succession and they into Lion territory. The Lions break up the next third down attempt and the Texans are forced to go for it on 4th down and they manage to convert the first down. This puts them at a minimum in field goal range.

Houston appears to be turning in one of their best drives of the game under heavy pressure by the Lion defense and they get the first down inside the 10. At the two minute warning the Texans have a first down on the 1 yard line.

On a first and goal from the 1, Arian Foster pops in for the score. With the extra point the score is now tied and the clock sits at 1 minute 55 seconds. Regardless of the outcome of the next 2 minutes, Detroit and Houston have certainly been providing a thrilling football game.

Detroit manages to get a first down inside of Houston territory and are just about making it into field goal range. They are unable to convert the 3rd down and must punt the ball with 39 seconds left in the game so this game will go to overtime.

Houston Texans vs Detroit Lions 1st Half week 12

First Half with the Houston Texans against the Detroit Lions in week 12

Detroit is the first to score and take the lead early in the game.

Houston gets the ball and they go 3 and out on their first possession. They punt the ball back to the Lions giving them the opportunity to extend the lead on this Thanksgiving Day football game.

The Texans defense steps up and shuts down the drive so they punt for the first time and are given the opportunity to even the score. A penalty flag on the punt for unsportsmanlike conduct backs Houston up 15 yards. Houston goes 3 and out again and Houston must punt. This makes 2 drives in a row for the Texans where they fail to get a first down on either one.

A 3 and out for the Lions and they punt the ball for the second time. During the punt, as the ball is coming down it appears to touch a Houston player and Detroit recovers the ball. This play is challenged but the play is not overturned and Houston has the ball on their own 45 yard line.

The Lions defense has been doing their job really well so far in this game and they stop the Texans short of the 1st down on a 3rd and eight and they must punt again. A fair catch on the 10 yard line and the Lions have another shot at it before the end of the 1st period. There is 3 minutes in the 1st quarter.

A nice first down on a 3rd and 10 with a pass to tight end Brandon Pettigrew. The drive ends up falling apart for the Lions and they punt the ball at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Houston is able to get into the end zone with a run by Arian Foster and they are finally able to put points on the board. The score is now tied at 7 to 7.

Before you know it the Lions are inside the red zone and the Texans are under pressure to shut down this drive and try and force the Lions to take a field goal, but they do not and a pass on 3rd and goal to Mike Thomas gets them the 6 points. With the extra point the Lions take the lead again for the second time of the game. The score is Detroit 14 to Houston 7.

Detroit gets into the end zone with a short pass to Owen Daniels. They get the extra point and the score is tied again at 14 each. With the 2 minute warning for the half approaching, the Lions have one more shot at taking a lead to the locker room at half time.

Detroit gets the football back and will start their drive on the 41 yard line. They run one play a short pass to Ryan Broyles and he takes it into the red zone. This brings up the two minute warning. A pass to Calvin Johnson and the Lions have the lead for the third time in this holiday football game. The score is 21 Lions to 14 Texans.

Since they did not use much time off the clock the Texans will have just under a minute and a half in the first half when they get the ball back. They have all 3 times outs and 1 minute 49.

The Lions defense seems to be reading the offensive line of Houston well, and they are getting there and making the stop and breaking up the plays well. Houston does convert the 3rd and gets a first down. The Lions break up the next play and knock the football out of quarterback Matt Schaub’s hands but foortunately for the Texans they recover the ball. They then let the clock run out and it brings up half time with the score still at 21 Detroit to Houston 14.

San Francisco 49er’s vs Chicago Bears 2nd Half week 11

Can the Chicago Bears come back from a 20 point deficit in the second half against the San Francisco 49er’s?

They stop the Bears on their first drive with a 3 and out. Chicago has absolutely no momentum and it doesn’t look like they have any hopes to find any.

3 plays and the 49er’s are in the red zone again. San Francisco is just walking all over the Bears. They get in for the 6 points again and have extended their lead. The score jumps to 27 to 0.

Chicago is finally able to get in for the points on this drive and the 49er’s made them work hard for it. The score is now at Chicago 7 to San Francisco 7.

Chicago stops the 49er’s again so if they can convert on their next possession they can get themselves back into the game. Sadly for the Bears that doesn’t happen though and San Francisco intercept the ball and they get to start another drive on the offensive side of the football just as the third quarter is ending.

San Francisco unable to get into the end zone on this drive take the field goal and extend their lead to 30 to 7. With Chicago backed up into the end zone the 49er’s are able to force a touchback and add 2 more points to the score making it 32 to 7.

Chicago is stopped once again and needs to punt with just over 2 minutes left in the game. San Francisco runs a play and it brings up the 2 minute warning. The final score is San Francisco 49ers 32 to Chicago Bears 7.

I thought that San Francisco would win this football game but I never thought it would be the blowout that it was. The 49er’s just dominated the game. The offense did well on the ground which was expected, but they did a good job with play action passes also. Their defense did a great job and penetrated the offensive line a lot more than I ever expected to see.